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The loveliest version of the loveliest tango…

…is this recording made of El día que me quieras by my wife, Alicia Isabel Santacruz. I have scoured the internet, and have not found a better performance.

It was written by Alfredo Le Pera and Carlos Gardel, and featured in a movie by the same name in 1935, performed by Gardel. Alicia’s recording was released a couple of years ago but is not widely available.


Following are the lyrics, along with my translation:

Acaricia mi ensueño el suave murmullo de tu suspirar
Como ríe la vida si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar
Y si es mío el amparo de tu risa leve que es como un cantar
Ella aquieta mi herida. Todo, todo se olvida

El día que me quieras la rosa que engalana
Se vestirá de fiesta con su mejor color
Y al viento las campanas dirán que ya eres mía
Y locas las fontanas se contarán su amor

La noche que me quieras desde el azul del cielo
Las estrellas celosas nos mirarán pasar
Y un rayo misterioso hará nido en tu pelo
Luciernaga curiosa que verá que eres mi consuelo

The soft murmur of your sighing caresses my reverie
How life will laugh if your dark eyes choose to see me
And if the refuge of your light song-like laughter is mine
It will soothe my wound. All, all is forgotten
The day that you love me, the rose that adorns
will put on party clothes of its favorite color
And the bells will tell the wind that you are finally mine
The fountains, delirious, will tell each other of their love
The night that you love me, from the blue of the sky
the jealous stars will watch us go by
And a mysterious ray will make its nest in your hair
A curious firefly that will see that you are my solace



14 thoughts on “The loveliest version of the loveliest tango…

  1. In all honesty, that is one of the most staggeringly beautiful things I have ever heard. You can just faintly feel the dance in it, like a lonely longing for a dance. Alicia’s voice is loveliness itself: pure, proud, eloquent, and without false affectation. Bravo. Bravo.

    • She is considered one of Colombia’s outstanding female vocalists. I love the natural tone, not operatic but certainly with the quality level of an opera singer, and she caresses a song when she sings it. She used to sing with her sister at a local restaurant, and invariably it would give me goosebumps.

  2. It’s a privilege for us to hear this song interpreted by the captivating voice of Alicia . Thank you Tim and congrats to Alicia .
    BTW take of you and both be prudent Florida is threatened today by the awful hurricane Matthiew. It looks very dangerous. I know Tampa is on the west coast of Florida but it is so fast..
    In friendship

  3. This is SO wonderful! Alicia has such a beautiful voice! I closed my eyes while I listened and I felt such peace and joy. Thank you, Tim, for sharing this…and please thank Alicia, for me, for sharing her voice with us! 🙂
    HUGS for both of you! 🙂

    • Thank you, Carolyn! Alicia is very grateful and sends her greetings. Feel free to comment on Youtube directly under the song so she can see it too. How are you doing? I hope you’re well. We’re in the throes of moving, and doing the last repairs to the house before we turn it over to the buyers.

  4. Finally! With Trumff buried (finally!) 5 1/2 feet under I can now afford the download mega-whatevers to listen to this.
    Three times; Main point is that, wow, what a goose-bump voice, enunciation, and the ‘hint of the tango’ (which Duncan also mentioned. (He and I are almost certainly clones)
    I listened twice while reading the SP lyrics, disappointed with how I was once better at it; perhaps my brain has only 3 ‘foreign-language’ slots . Ha, I heard: ‘nido en tu pelo ‘ as like, ‘nada with tu pedo’. “the hell with yer dog’?
    I *am* kinda pissed at the intrusive (over-enthusiastic?) background singers and blow-hard horns, that would be my only complaint.
    Oh well. Lucky you, you can hear it into your ear on the pillow, probably ‘the best version available’.
    Oh, and since Espanol is now in vogue (Trimp’s ‘bad hambres’ line in debate III)) I have a ‘good’ hunger for my very own free version of this, to play on repeat, when I need to remember how much a woman can love a man. You have my email, I’m hoping/ JS

    • Actually I don’t have your email. You can send it to roadkill_spatula at yahoo but remind me in a comment here that you’ve done it because I rarely check that address. I’ll probably respond from the e-mail I most use. Don’t be startled by my last name, which isn’t my fault.

      Pedo doesn’t mean dog. It has a host of meanings besides its primary one, but I’ve never actually heard a Mexican use it with its original meaning.

      Alicia usually does her own mixing, but it wasn’t possible in this case, so the background voices are a little strong in places. I hope someday she can record it with a more elegant orchestra.

  5. That’s interesting that she ‘man’s the knobs in the studio. As I said, I was so entranced by her voice that even a chorus of angels would have seemed an intrusion.
    I got stuck, puerto-ricano, on the barely-noticeable difference between ‘pero’ and ‘pedo’. There’s probably something on-line to help me there.
    Meanwhile, yes, I’ll attempt an email/ JS. I use only one address, to save time, but get 30 spams an hour on it.

      • Thanks. And YAHOO!!! Hope you have a ‘delete all’ icon. I’ve never gotten to even one hundredth of that. Problem is, not seeing the trees for the forest. And one of ’em might be the notice on winning the lottery (legit)

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