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I had a dream

I dreamed last night that I entered a very modern train station and saw a one-car train tip sideways to avoid a car on its tracks and continue on a set of rubber safety wheels designed for that purpose.

While I was watching, a tiny one-passenger train car much like a Smart car also tipped sideways and whizzed past, its passenger hanging upside down from his seat belt and yelling and gesticulating at me, and I realized I had inadvertently stepped onto the tracks and blocked its way.

I went about my business in a hurry, hoping I didn’t encounter that passenger, who appeared to be a railroad employee.


13 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. Stephanie Wall says:

    Roadkill ! There you are ! I wondered about you the other day then saw your name on Fauquet’s Blog. My best wishes to you and your wife. I always remember your joy and the photo of people jumping into a lake that you chose to express it, when you two finally got together.

  2. I hope you see this comment.
    Our good mutual friend Yonatan asked me to leave you a message to let you know why he has not been in touch. Some time ago he had a stroke which has affected his eyesight, and thence his ability to operate a computer keyboard (although bizarrely, his piano chops are undiminished). With his on-line presence curtailed, I have only been able to converse with him by telephone, and can verify that verbally he is lucid and eloquent as ever. I’m sure he would appreciate a call from you! His number is:
    +972 54-499-4029.

    I hope you are well also!

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