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Child of my soul – A Colombian carol

A Colombian carol sung by my favorite singer, Alicia Isabel Santacruz. Here is an English translation of the lyrics:
Child of my soul, I come to sing to you
a little bambuco by the gate, child of my soul
Sleep, my child, divine child
The angels are coming
The angels are coming to guard you, divine child

Alicia says: “Niño del Alma is a song from the record Canción de Navidad (Christmas Song), a special pressing issued by the University of Antioquia. This bambuco was written by the renowned composer Luis Uribe Bueno from Santander, Colombia in 1953, and since then has graced the repertoire of Colombian Christmas songs. The arrangement is by master Jaime Chávez from Nariño, Colombia.”

‘Niño del Alma’ es un tema que hizo parte de la producción discográfica Canción de Navidad, prensaje especial de la Universidad de Antioquia. Este bambuco fue escrito por el célebre compositor santandereano Luis Uribe Bueno en 1953, y desde esa época engalana el repertorio de canciones navideñas colombianas. El arreglo estuvo a cargo del maestro nariñense Jaime Chávez.


7 thoughts on “Child of my soul – A Colombian carol

  1. Just wow! ‘That Voice’. I could listen to it till the end of time, which is pretty much your feeling also, right?
    I once knew what it was called, that particularly latin-music trick of playing with a 12-beat measure, dividing it into 3 ‘4’s .. and then 4 ‘3’s, (until a white-guy don’t know how to dance to it(!) (‘demiola?’ )
    A feliz-ey navidad to you-uns, (we only even hear about it here in Israel by, say, the 27th, on the back page of the paper.
    BTW, one of my recent spate of posts has you ridding Kansas of snakes, check it out sometime/ JS

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