My life

My blogging comeback was interrupted when…

…this happened.

I had just picked up my wife at the airport after she flew in from Colombia on June 10. We had crossed Tampa and were pulling up to turn right on SR 60 in Brandon when I heard Alicia exclaim something. I glanced left and saw a black car sliding sideways toward us. A split second later, “Boom!” When I opened my eyes, our car was full of airbags and smoke.


The other car had struck ours with the driver’s side front fender and spun around to stop on the shoulder beside us. Apparently someone had bumped it on SR 60 and the driver lost control on the damp pavement.13418774_1397312800286092_1540690061826362243_n

My wife broke her right arm, probably because of the airbag slamming it. They took her by ambulance to the nearest hospital. 13423931_1397312880286084_4322232543574044777_n

A month later, we’re still dealing with the fracture and related damage to her arm.

Our car was considered a total loss. It was a nice car. 13412926_1397312840286088_1308829388980235118_n

I miss the consistently good gas mileage (31-34 mpg) but we decided to go back to a van. This time it’s a Kia Sedona.



32 thoughts on “My blogging comeback was interrupted when…

  1. I’m so sorry you had this accident! And I hope Alicia heals soon. It’s no fun to break a bone, and even less fun to have the pain endure. But it’s good that it wasn’t any worse! Take good care!

  2. Glad you are going to a specialist. She shouldn’t be having so much pain continuing after so many days.
    Cars and vans are replaceable items. They will come and go. Like i told on the facebook page, I am just glad you both are alive and well. Love to both of you.

    • The specialist said that the ligament that attaches the two arm bones together at the wrist is detached because of a chipped-off piece on the outside of the ulna. He’ll have to pin the piece into place. He’s going to fix the radius fracture while he’s at it because it isn’t in the ideal position. The doctors who had been taking care of her had been eager to operate, but all they ever talked about was the radius fracture, they never talked about tendons or ligaments and why the pain was still so intense.

  3. OH no! 😦 I’m so sorry to hear this, Tim! How scary!
    I’m SO glad you both survived!
    I will pray for Alicia’s arm and her hand and the pain.
    I know you are taking good care of her while her arm is out of commission.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤
    PS…Is your new van pink and yellow with flowers and peace signs on it?!?! 😛

  4. I’m assuming all will be well given time, and of course wish her a speedy recovery .(Beth-seedsower told me on the phone a little while ago that she’d lucked out and met you guys and that I should absolutely try to do the same before I die!)
    My question is air-bags. You’re the first person I ‘ve ever met with real experience in that. I think my ”98Subaru has one, but I’ve been rammed, tickled, scraped, and de-valued multi times since I bought the car without seeing any inflations or smoke. The culprits were all ‘-bags’, but with a ‘D’, ha. Best of luck with the van, it kinda fits your style/JS

  5. My gosh, I am glad that both of you escaped with only those injuries. I hope Alicia’s arm will get well soon.
    Did the insurance company pay for the damages and for Alicia’s medical expenses.

  6. I am sorry for you both and especially for Alicia who is handicaped with the arm fracture . . After a month this shold be improved but I know a long time is needed for a perfect restoring .
    Nowadays roads are not secure anymore ,. Too many cars .!
    I see you already found a new car more spacious .
    All my wisehes for you both
    In friendship

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