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House painting

I have been working very hard at painting my house because I rented a 32′ ladder from Home Depot and want to return it before the rental costs as much as buying it would have been.  I’ve been focusing on the high areas that I can’t reach with my own ladder.

Like this tall gable that faces east. With the weird barn shape of my house, it gets taller toward the front, so I started at the back and worked forward, raising the ladder as I went, painting wherever there was shade. (What looks like brick on the first story is actually fancy stucco. Most of my neighborhood has faux brick siding.)



The dormers are my current challenge. Each one requires having the ladder to the left, on the front, to the right, and lower on the front… and you have to do everything twice to get the paint to cover. The shingles around the painted dormers look like I’ve had a plague of seagulls perching on the roof. Fortunately the drips don’t show in this photo.



Handling a 32′ ladder by myself is a challenge, but so far I haven’t dropped it or broken any windows.

My house is looking a lot less dreary now that the water-damaged siding has been replaced and the faded barn-red is getting covered up. Lord willing, tonight I’ll finish putting the first coat on the dormers and begin applying the second.


8 thoughts on “House painting

  1. I love visiting The Home Depot!
    Wow! The new color is so cheer-y! You’re doing a beautiful job, Tim! Be careful on that super-dooper tall ladder!
    Can we see it when it’s complete?!
    I once saw seagulls in Denver, CO. I was surprised! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Wow. I thought you were going to the other direction. I don’t know why- the lighter color is so much better! Your house is pretty. (I wouldn’t want to paint the back- even with a super duper ladder.)

    • Yeah, a bright new coat of red would have looked good, but we wanted to go lighter. I like our house a lot. I wish I could move it to California and sell it for a pile of money so I could retire.

  3. Beautiful home! What a job! I have issues with heights so I’m glad it’s you on that ladder and not me! Both colors actually look good but sometimes we need change :-). peace always

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