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I’ve been working on the siding on the back of my house for about a week. Last weekend I got the old siding off, and a neighbor helped me sheathe the wall with OSB. I wrapped it with Tyvek, used roof tape where the siding boards meet, and improvised flashing for the windowsills.

Today we got just over half of the siding nailed up. Those sheets of Hardieboard are heavy. There’s no way I could get them up there by myself. We used score-and-snap to cut them to length, and I used a tile circular wet saw to cut out the windows.


Earlier in the day, while I was waiting for my neighbor, I replaced this soffit and put in a new light and ventilation grille. The grille is a little puckered but it will have to come off anyway when I paint, so I’ll straighten it then. I had to cover the hole to keep out critters. Sheesh, I need to figure out a way to get my pressure washer to this corner of the house!



17 thoughts on “Stuff I did today

  1. Looks like entirely too much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Every time I get near heavy sheet stock the wind comes up. I guess you don’t have that problem, so if I ever have to do that kind of thing again I’ll be in touch. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. This work on the wall was a big one and fortunately your neighbor helped you . It was impossible to do this alone .
    Your large house will have new “clothes ” . Good for the insulation.
    About the Spanish word for “partitions of music ” is almost the same indeed . Not surprising since French, Spanish , Italian and other such Romania come from Latin.
    RTC : About the furniture in my office , the style is somewhat “rรฉgence” ; .https://www.google.fr/search?q=style+regence+meuble&sa=X&biw=1440&bih=690&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0ahUKEwjTybrTjr7JAhUFVxoKHY62D24QsAQIHg
    In friendship

  3. Ok great, guy. Those of us who built our lives around keeping day-to-day current on your activities are, like even a succulent without water, frankly wasting away after 4+ months and no news. Ok, seriously, we being a bit alike; I’m comparing my own longer and less defensible hiatus to yours. Crazy how a web site resemble a radio.. playing perhaps un-noticed for hours, the moment you shut it off the silence is oddly deafening. Anyone not factoring in your historically busy regimen is left twisting in the speculative wind.. with your decomposing body lying there near the base of that ladder behind the house. (Hmm, I once seriously left a ‘good-bye, love y’all’ note on the seat of my van before climbing to the peak of a next-to-impossible roof out in the wilderness. No cell-phones in those days, and it was muy-importante for some reason to dispel any hint in the obit that I’d jumped of my own volition, rather than simply fallen. )
    Anyway, I’m certain I’m not the only one who misses your style here; but being an adamant FB refusnik, I may simply out of the real loop; the feast hath moved elsewhere. / JS/ 18 March/ (2016)

    • Sorry, Yonni, I have been mostly on FB. WP is cumbersome on my work computer, and life is busy.

      Part of the reason I drifted away was because you hadn’t posted anything in six months yourself. I figure if the great JSol is not going to show up, I’ll just take my autograph book elsewhere and quit wasting time.
      I did finally finish my siding, and am finally starting to paint it. My wife is in Colombia, so it is possible to do this. In fact, I’ll have to hustle to get it done before she returns in early June. I have a one-week assignment in Chile coming up, which will eat some of my home repair time but should be fun. Maybe I’ll be ambitious enough to post pictures here.
      Good to know you’re still alive! I had been thinking of asking Beth for your email since you were AWOL here.

      • Great to hear from you; a real uplift, Don Timothy. Of course mixed feelings, but net positive:
        1) You’re alive and well; from an innocent ‘follower’s perspective, an unexplained absence due to the devil FB is indistinguishable from , God forbid, a horrific traffic accident after which no next of kin has the emotional energy (or the password) to post a notice to your loved fans: “Roadkill has sadly become..um.. roadkill”
        2) I do find relish in your stating that, in essence: ‘A room without JS is just an enclosure’. Hyperbole, mebbe, but never forget that it does fit my demented self-image, having heard endlessly in my stage career that ‘A band w/o the wild JS is just a bunch of guys standing on a wooden platform… sound and fury… etc.”
        3) Seriously, I haven’t decided yet which is more despicable, FB or Tr*mp. Both worthy candidates for Hannah Arendt’s ‘Banality of Evil’ classification. I gazed a few minutes at my son’s FB account, as an anonymous browser, and as a result he ‘merited’ a pile-on of automated Friend Requests from everybody in my computer’s ‘E’ drive, where I’d archived ancient ‘Outlook Express’ emails from 15 years ago! At some point one needs to decide ,Y/N, whether this is a dystopian world I agree to be a part of. Yo, I’m with Dietrich Bonhoeffer on this. I only hope that no one, after my exit, dirties my memory with a memorial FB site.
        Anyway, re: Real Life. enjoy your Chilean jaunt. I know so pathetically little of the place: Terra del Fuego, the Nazca lines, and the miners, saved by a miracle rescue which, had it failed, would have plunged me into a ten-year depression, conservatively.
        You are correct that WP does itself have a ‘ghost-town’ odor, reminiscent of our dear-departed Xanga. ‘Tumbleweed dot com’. The net-world seems to re-invent itself weekly. I decided to get my thrills from raising sweet-corn and sweet-peas. Jump out of bed at 5:30 every morning to give every plant a ‘Like’.
        Be well, Brother/ JS

        • I enjoy FB because it brings together people from all the different strata of my life, which is quite amazing considering all the places I have lived and worked. There’s even a page for the Colombian jungle town where I spent my early childhood (Puerto Asรญs), and a lady who was a kid with us in Sunday School 50 years ago there has contacted me and my sisters. You may recall that I found the house and the chapel my dad built there on Google Maps and discovered that the buildings are in use but basically untouched since the early 1960s.

          FB also has a page called “You know you’re a missionary kid when…” (that I joined years after it was formed, once they finally got around to correcting the spelling of “your”) on which MKs lament their lack of a home, the loss of contact with people from their youth, the lack of people who share their multicultural worldview, etc., etc., all the while enjoying the benefits of a social media platform that provides precisely most of those things (except a home).

          But yeah, many days FB makes me want to pull my hair out, when I mourn the fact that many people I thought were intelligent human beings are committed Trump followers and/or Obama bashers; or post sappy images with sappy slogans or manipulative reposts or sheer outright lies that they have never bothered to check. I slog through it looking for actual current photos or statements about people’s lives and activities, and occasionally I find them.

          Many of my favorite Xangans are over there, including Wild Woman of the West, her husband Meteorology Man, Beth Seedsower, gorgeous Jill Heartbeep, and Michel Fauquet who also has a WP blog that he maintains faithfully. There is a serious deficiency in the Pennsylvania-Hebrew musical carpenter-palindromist department, though.

          Anyway, I’m back, and I’ll try to build WP back into my routine. I hope you do the same.

          • Excellent, my proven Brother-in-arms. Your mention of the pluses of the Devil FB does help me to take a small step off my soap-box.
            I’m thinking that the daily dog-poop on my sidewalk at least keeps me attuned to the digestive health of my neighbors’ canines, as a desperate ‘grasp for straws’ metaphor.
            Ok, I’m clearly a conflicted Luddite, having farmed with horses 2 years until my Pa broke down and made a site on Farmall dot com, so to speak. The problem, Tim, as responsible world citizens, is what to do when we are convinced that blinded hordes of ‘progress-whores’ are leading the human race to a cliff where true interaction, I-Thou’ plunges un-aware into the End-Times abyss.
            The tactical issue is that I could post daily ‘acts-of-god ‘posts here (“lo haser li mah le’hagid” Jezuz, I can’t think in English anymore: (Yea, I lacketh not in what to say’)
            but , save you and a handful of stellar readers, the audience reminds me too muchly of the old ‘Dew-Drop-Inn’ tavern back in Altoona, PA: two drunks in the corner fighting over a wench with ‘nice even teeth: (One, three, five, seven, and nine missing)
            Bottom line: I seriously appreciate your contact; made my day this Friday, on a ‘bridge’ day between Independence Day (yesterday) and Shabbat/ JS

          • Solberg lived in PA when he was young. My ex has some relatives in the Lancaster area, and of course Beth Seedsower lives up there. But I have no direct connections except I think a cousin of my mom’s might have retired in PA and a childhood classmate lives in Pittsburg.

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