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Veteran’s Day Splinter

Since I had the 11th off, I worked on my house, repairing water-damaged soffit and fascia along one side of the garage. For the fascia I bought a piece of 5/4 x 6 pressure treated pine, since there was no 1 x 6 PT or redwood lumber at Home Depot, and I want to use something that will last.

The existing fascia has a half-inch slot routed into the back side, to hold the soffit. To create my slot, I made long cuts with my circular saw and then chiseled out the remaining material, lifting long splinters as I went.

One of those splinters decided to go under my nail, as far as it could go. It hurt.20151111_163824[1]
I tried to pull it out with a pliers, and it broke off. I thought about going to a doc-in-the-box, but it was nearly 5:00 and I would have used up the remaining daylight and besides, what a wimpy thing to see a doctor for. I tried continuing my work, but it was too uncomfortable. So I gave the pliers another try. This time the splinter came right out.

Here is the board with the channel partway cleared. The line on the left is because I made my first cut on the wrong side by mistake. Putting the channel over there would have exposed a ragged part of the board instead of hiding it.

I finished installing the soffit Thursday morning because I worked an evening shift that day. Unfortunately I forgot to cut vents in the first two pieces, so I had to cut them in place after I took this photo. It was awkward, made additionally so because I had hidden all the TV cables on top of the plywood and had to be careful not to cut them.

Cutting soffit vents in place is a sawdusty business.2015-11-12_13.19.27[1]


4 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Splinter

  1. Egads! 😮 All I got on Veteran’s Day was a small scratch.
    I’m glad you got that splinter out! And got your work done!
    I watch this show call Barnwood Builders and those guys rarely wear gloves. I always worry about how many splinters they must get.

  2. A splinter under the nail always is dangerous and you did well to take it off ..
    Your house is a large one nd of course , with always works to do ;
    But you are a clever handyman, Tim
    In friendship

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