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Trip to the vet with my cat

I took Simon to the vet today because his nose still looks terrible. He’s been through an oral antifungal treatment and topical antibiotics and antifungal treatments, but it won’t go away. Today the doctor gave him a steroid shot in case it’s allergies. I’m going to keep applying topical antifungal and antibiotics.

We waited for the vet in a waiting room with a closet. Simon immediately took refuge there.


On the way home, he rode in the front seat with me.

IMG-20151031-WA0006 IMG-20151031-WA0008

He even rode on the dashboard for a while.


That candle on the floor is an extra I was going to return to Dollar Tree. It fell out of the bag and I missed it.


It hurts just to look at Simon’s nose. The marks above his eye might be from squabbling with another cat.



7 thoughts on “Trip to the vet with my cat

  1. Aw, poor Simon! 😦 His sweet little face with his sore little nose brings tears to my eyes. 😦 I’m sorry he is so ill. I hope he is healed soon.
    He certainly seems to be a good car-rider and seems to enjoy the trip! 🙂
    I had a very large dog (Golden Retriever/Chow mix)…he looked intimidating and could bark and growl with conviction…but he was really a scaredy-cat. 😦 When I would take him to the vets, he would always try to hide under one of the small tables in the waiting room…but he couldn’t fit. Ha. 🙂
    Give Simon some gentle Belly-RUBS from me1

  2. theinfiniterally says:

    Poor pooty tat. 😦 I’ve seen steroids work wonders with animals. Just look out for ‘roid rage until he’s off of them.

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