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Twenty-five things I don’t care about Donald Trump

Fear not, I have no such list. I’m actually reviewing movies.

The blog title is inspired by a Zergnet article title: “25 Things You Don’t Know About Donald Trump.” The few things I do know about him are more than enough.

I have been meaning to do a gripe post for some time. Unfortunately, I forget what I was planning to say whenever I actually open my blog.

Today there was an article on AOL called “11 things you should never put in your freezer.” They were wrong in including coffee, at least if you’re a very occasional coffee drinker and your coffee can or bag lasts for years without running out. They say that thawing and freezing coffee will cause it to become humid and absorb odors. However, if you only take it out long enough to fill the coffee machine, it doesn’t thaw, and if you keep it sealed, it doesn’t absorb odors.

An online article last year lauded the benefits of the “safety razor” (the traditional rectangular blade) over fancy multi-blade options, because it’s cheaper and supposedly shaves closer. I suspect the author has never had to shave in his or her life. I distinctly remember my relief at age 15 when I splurged on a Trac II, after having cut myself over and over again with the old-style safety razor that Mom had got me for my 13th birthday. When the three-blade razors came along, I immediately made that switch as well. Now I use the kind with five blades. They last me 3-4 weeks, so the cost doesn’t bother me, and they are most definitely safer than safety razors.

Grumpy mini-reviews of movies:

Insurgent: The first movie (Divergent) didn’t convince me of the basic premise (that people can be divided according to primary motivations) so I was grumpy most of the way through this one. It was extremely predictable, down to the Harry Potter-type self-sacrificing heroism and the revelation that (gasp) the system is stupid and Divergents are the ones to fix it. Obviously from the scene during credits, the series will go on, now that Cuatro’s mom is the big cheese and appears to be little better than the blonde lady. Yawn.

Mad Max: Fury Road: I watched this because my daughters loved it. It was much too bleak and grisly for my wife, and the jabbering of the bald boys lost much of its charm in the translation to Spanish.

Interstellar: Dr Who meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not bad, but leaves you thinking, “Wait, what?”

Birdman: Another “Wait, what?” ending. But it’s always nice to see Emma Stone.

Magic in the Moonlight: Clever movie about an illusionist getting duped and falling in love. The repeated assertions that lies are okay if they give people hope disturbed me. Also I got the sense that Emma Stone could be Woody Allen’s new Mariel Hemingway.

Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat): The first thing I liked about this movie was getting to see Tom Cruise get pounded over and over. But the story line grew on me, and by the end I was into it. My wife now uses the line, “We’ve had this conversation many times before” whenever she can.

A Thousand Ways to Die in the West: I despise SNL humor. So very tedious, so very trashy. As I told Alicia afterwards, “There wasn’t even a take-away line” (something to laugh about later, like “We’ve had this conversation many times before”). The closest was when a conversation with Native Americans ended with the line “Mila Kunis!” the way Cantinflas used to throw the tongue-twister “Tin marín de dos pingüé” into foreign dialog at every opportunity.

Focus: I had trouble with this movie for a number of reasons. I don’t like getting dragged into rooting for predators. When the characters make their living by elaborate, ongoing lies, it is hard to believe it when there appears to be love between them. The ending is disappointing. And who in the world can travel with a suitcase full of millions of Euros?

The Time Traveler’s Wife: Not bad, but not at the level I had expected. Maybe it was the book that people gushed about, not the movie?

Project Almanac: Fun, although it was unclear why sometimes the main character could go back and undo things and other times it was a big problem to be in the same place twice at the same time.

About Time: We enjoyed this movie a lot. Like any time travel movie, it has its issues, but the characters were well-done and the story is very upbeat.

And that’s all I have time for today.


6 thoughts on “Twenty-five things I don’t care about Donald Trump

  1. Those newfangled cartridge razors and electric shavers disagree with my face. Lots of people disagree with my face, too, so I guess it’s not surprising. Lemme guess: Yours was a wing-top safety razor.

  2. HA! I love your Grumpy Movie Reviews! 😛 You should get paid to do these!
    I could do a counter movie review blog “Dopey Movie Reviews”! 😉 😀
    I would LIKE to read your take on Trump!
    A couple of these that you did not like…I loved!
    On TTW…the book was w-a-y better than the movie!
    I saw a movie whilst in recovery from surgery…I watched Hotel Transylvania…it made me snort-laugh! 😀
    HUGS for you and Alicia!!! 🙂

  3. The only one of those movies I saw was A Thousand Ways… The funniest part was the chunk of ice falling and squashing a guy. Yeah, I like slapstick. Also, Jamie Fox showing up as his Django character in the titles was funny.
    I think I would prefer Trump as pres. rather than Ted (barf) Cruz!

    • I got pretty tired of Ted Cruz’s long, sad face during the budget fiasco two years ago, but I don’t think I could handle four years of Trump, either. He’s got no filter between his brain and his mouth, and then there’s that hair…

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