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Upgrading the whole-house water filter system


Our whole-house filter got clogged several months ago and I was unable to replace it because the housing was jammed. I set the water system to bypass it temporarily, which means we have been using straight well water for everything except drinking (we have a Brita tank in the kitchen). But recently my wife has been complaining about white clothes turning yellow in the laundry, so I decided I had better fix the filter.

The purple item in the photo is the main filter, very fine (several microns). The two smaller blue housings are sediment filters, to clean most of the dirt and minerals from the water before it gets to the purple filter. I used to have only one sediment filter, but it would get clogged up within a month and bring our water pressure way down. Today I added the second one (on the right), and installed the purple housing where the old jammed housing used to be. I use the two faucets occasionally to run water backwards through the filters and blow out some of the sediment.

So, water comes in from the bottom right, goes through the two small blue filters, and then through the purple filter before going back into the ground. If you look sharp, you can see that I took this photo before setting the valves to route the water through the filters.

I’m sure this is the most thrilling post you’ll see today.


10 thoughts on “Upgrading the whole-house water filter system

  1. OOH! The colors purple, blue, and green kept my interest! 😛
    HUGS to you and Alicia!!! 🙂
    PS…Us womens appreciate good tasting water, white clothes being white, etc., so I know Alicia appreciates the GREAT work you did, Tim! 🙂

    • I like the new purple filter because it’s transparent, so I can see if the filter gets dirty without opening it. Never thought about the colors holding someone’s interests. How are you doing? Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Alicia and I are celebrating mine today in ways you would appreciate.

  2. I am intrigued , Tim . You say the water comes .from the bottom on the right . But I wonder how you force the water to go in the second sediment filter in the right. The pressure probably ?
    And where is the pipe for throwing to the backyard the water that cleaned the filters ?
    Very interesting installation
    In friendship

    • Thank you, Michel. The two filters both receive the same pressure from the well pump, so I assume they get about the same amount of water. The one on the right is a recent addition and that’s why it has a longer route. When I run water backward through the system, I open the two faucets by the filters and it runs onto the dirt below.

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