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Did you know that a pinched nerve from a strained shoulder and disjointed rib can create pain in the left arm and across the chest that is very similar to angina? And that some chiropractors adjust not just vertebrae but joints? And that a single session with the right chiropractor can make the symptoms go away forever?

Did you know that gastritis can produce symptoms very similar to anxiety attacks? Xanax will let you sleep, but you’ll still feel the weird symptoms in your upper abdomen, you just won’t stress about it. Once you take the antibiotics prescribed for gastritis, the symptoms go away, and Xanax is no longer necessary.

Why are the Kardashians on every internet front page every single day? Who are these people? Why are they important? Don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know.

Why are Florida politics so bizarre? It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Why don’t remodelers do more to dress up staircases? Later this week I’ll show you what I did with mine after I tore out the carpeting.

Why do people buy books about diets based on patently wrong science? The paleo diet may be effective for losing weight, but to explain it in terms of what our distant ancestors ate is crazy. The blood type diet is even more absurd. Currently people are passing around on Facebook a “Middle Ages antibiotic” concoction, as if there were any reason I would want to take my health cues from that time period. I’m waiting for someone to come out with the African Famine Diet. Maybe I should write it myself. It would sell well, and I could contribute the profits to a reputable charity working in that part of the world.

Who watches TMZ? It’s just snarky people standing around snarking while the camera view bounces around dizzily between them. It makes me seasick.

Why is it that blurbs for detective stories by women so often use the word “spunky” or “sassy” to describe the protagonist? It guarantees that I’ll hate the story.


17 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I had similar luck saying everything flagging at a visit to fix raging blood pressure which gives me a bit of a headache so I instantly get an mri to skip the stroke and a chest x-ray as I’ve magically labored breathing….THEN the give me the b.p. meds without bothering to consult my fancy specialist and remove me from all but the equivalent of an aspirin for a car accident in bp meds. some days you just get lucky with a different approach…and then again… sometimes not. I really should visit a chiropractor and see if I can get the lost inch back to my height. a lifetime of leaning over stole an inch.

  2. Good chiropractors are amazing. Long ago the husband had a very good experience with one. His was very serious back pain. Debilitating. He went to his GP. Prescriptions for muscle relaxers at the like were prescribed. Time went on. It was suggested it was all in his head. They never took x-rays in the positions that truly hurt him.Then on to a specialist. Another dead end. A friend recommended a chiropractor and he went 2 visits. The first was just talking and x-rays in all the positions that were painful. I can’t remember exactly but he truly went once more for the adjustment and he was fixed up. After many $$$ and 3 months off work. A few years later the chiropractor was arrested for counterfeiting. True story. I guess since he didn’t cheat his patients he couldn’t make enough money. Maybe I should say earn ;-). I get so sick of the Kardashians! Gah. I don’t know who they are or why we care! peace to you

  3. What you say about chiropractor is interesting . I got a surgery at the spine for stenose in the lomb canal . Probably I have to be patient but 6 month s after my walk still is hard and sore ..Thanks for the information
    In friendship

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