Mystery song identified

Last year I posted a fragment of a lovely song that a friend in Colombia had recorded from the radio, hoping that someone could help me identify it. My wife talked with the friend today, and it turns out he had stumbled upon the identification of the song. The composer is a brilliant Venezuelan named Aldemaro Romero. The original version is called Quinta Anauco. (A quinta is a type of hacienda.) Romero apparently collaborated with Charlie Byrd to produce the English version, called It Never Ends. I just found a link for the recording!

Following is the English version, followed by a couple of Spanish versions, neither of which does it justice. I need to get Alicia to record it. It’s a gorgeous song.

Heavy-handed vocalist:

Lighter vocals, not as tedious:

Nice orchestral version, no vocals:

My translation of the Spanish lyrics (I’ll transcribe the English lyrics soon):
I discovered you
facing the sun, with the look of love
You were light, you were peace,
with the look of love.
I won your heart, I fell in love
with the look of love.
I gave you a color for your skin
and a new way of loving.
It all began with the look of love.
Your spring awoke with the look of love.
All my tears dried with the look of love.
We learned to love one another with the look of love
and we discovered the truth
that was hidden between us.
It all began with the look of love.
When my love met you
my youth was illumined.
When my love made you crazy
you began to be yourself.
Today, when your pampered craziness is ending
I would trade you my life
for what is left of your love.


3 thoughts on “Mystery song identified

  1. Love is all and above all .
    I like the first song ” it never ends ” . I like the sweet words loving .
    melody and the rhythm. Thanks for the translation.
    I am sure that Alicia will sing this song in spanish and in English .
    In friendship

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