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Colombian soul food

The epitome of soul food for me is the bandeja paisa, a massive sampler plate served in Medellín and the surrounding area. It usually includes rice, beans, powdered beef, chicharrón (pork rinds), fried plantains (pictured are both patacones and maduros, green and ripe plantains respectively), and salad. The crowning touch is a fried egg on the rice. In January, our hosts prepared us a bandeja paisa as our farewell meal. They went all out, including avocado and chorizo and serving my favorite drink, maracuyá (passion fruit) juice. It was more food than I could eat at one time.

IMG_20150105_144537 IMG_20150105_144523 IMG_20150105_144222 IMG_20150105_144215

Hogao is a cooked salsa made of tomato and onion. We ate it on the patacones. The salad is a cabbage salad, but is not much like cole slaw.


For some reason, the meal usually includes ground cooked beef, a sort of powdery consistency.



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