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Publicizing my celebrity wife

My wife has been in the throes of submitting a concert proposal to the office of the Mayor of Medellín for this year’s Cultural Calendar. The application process is arduous, and we probably won’t meet tomorrow’s deadline. We’ve been scrambling to fulfill some of the requirements. There’s a section that asks about presence in social media and contact with fan base. Alicia has jealously protected her privacy, but now she’s recognizing that if she wants to reactivate her music career, she needs to be visible. So I have created a Facebook page for her, and we have uploaded recordings from her records to Youtube.

Youtube has been a pain in the neck. For some reason, Alicia appears with two different profiles under the same login. The older one features only a handful of songs uploaded by a former work-study assistant at the university where she taught. The new one displays twenty songs and has nice graphics on the banner. So if you search for Alicia Isabel Santacruz on Youtube, don’t select the entry at the top of the list with five songs, scroll down and look for the one exhibiting this nice picture. Or just click through on the link I’ve provided with her name.


On Facebook, we created a profile for her and immediately were deluged with Friend requests. She doesn’t really want to deal with that level of interaction, so I also created a Page for her. As soon as I did so, Facebook locked us out and insisted we submit a scan of her ID. I uploaded one as requested. Then they e-mailed her and asked for it again, so we e-mailed it. After a while, we were able to sign back in. I had never heard of Facebook doing that sort of thing, but I’m glad they’re concerned about protecting her. If you want to follow her on Facebook, we would prefer that you look for her Musician/Band page rather than her personal one. You might have to click through from her personal page if the search doesn’t take you there directly. This link might work: Alicia Isabel Santacruz.

In her early years as a performer, Alicia entered and won all the major music festivals in Colombia. She became known as Colombia’s best new female vocalist. She sang at inaugurations for mayors, governors, and presidents. She represented Colombia at a huge international music festival, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Spanish music. Her song El Chambú is featured on a collection titled Las Cien Canciones Más Bellas de Colombia (Colombia’s 100 Most Beautiful Songs).

In the late 1980s she scaled down her music career in order to live a more normal life. She got a second degree, took a position as a university professor, married, and raised a son, still performing from time to time and recording a handful of albums. Now that she has retired from the university and is ready to step back into performing, the world has  changed. Colombia’s record companies were driven out of business by the bootleggers, so musicians either record independently or work with US based studios. She has several self-financed recording projects in the works, including two children’s albums, original compositions, and a collection of love songs that we selected while we were dating.

There are still many people who remember her, and a generation that deserves the privilege of new acquaintance.  I want to see my wife doing what she loves most to do.


17 thoughts on “Publicizing my celebrity wife

  1. I do hope you can make tomorrow’s deadline, but by this time next year she’ll have more recognition, and it will be easier to make the deadline!

    • I don’t know what happened with the submission today. It’s not clear whether they will accept a pdf document instead of a hand-signed one. If it doesn’t work out, apparently there’s another open period in May for submitting larger-scale programs. We should be better prepared by then.

    • She’s amazingly talented, and absolutely meticulous about every detail. As part of this ordeal we ordered a copy of a television concert she did many years back. We hope to segment it and put it up on Youtube soon. I don’t have any good concert recordings of her yet.

    • Thank you. The proposal was submitted yesterday, but the guys who were helping us messed up and didn’t provide the power of attorney she apparently has to provide, so it’ll probably be rejected. Next time we’ll be better prepared. It sounds like there’s another open period in March, for large-format concerts.

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