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This, that, and the other: a poem

As long as I’m talking about divorce, here’s a poem I wrote in 2010 about cross examination.


Instead of

slicing me open
from throat
to groin

peeling back
my skin

my ribs
like the Red Sea

and probing
my organs
and entrails
with your sharp
to see


how about
if you tell me:

You did this
I felt that
I would like the other

(Reblogged from my Xanga blog, Feb. 4, 2010)


17 thoughts on “This, that, and the other: a poem

  1. theinfiniterally says:

    It isn’t much fun when someone tries to pin their viewpoint on you.

    There’s good advice in this. I’m glad to see you posting. I hope that means something changed in the accessibility situation.

    • I had a few hours at home on a sick day, so was able to do more stuff online. I can post from work, but I can’t read much, and of course it gives me no access to the photos on my home computer.

  2. ordinarybutloud says:

    I quite like your poem again, reprinted here! Also, this poem makes me think of my favorite movie of all time, Aliens. Also, I might have said this exact same thing YEARS ago when I likely read it for the first time. HA.

  3. I remember when you blogged this poem on Xanga.
    Your word pics/images are sharp and vivid! Your emotion in/behind your words is painful and powerful!
    But it perfectly captures what you went through and how you felt.
    It is always interesting to look through our writing from years ago.

    • There was always a double motif of psychotherapy and passive aggression in these sessions. The Red Sea is an ambivalent image, I suppose: is the focus here the escape from Egypt, the violence to nature, the death of the Egyptian pursuers, or a foreshadowing of the death of the entire generation of Israelites in the desert?

  4. love on the rocks, makes no difference what anybody say…pour me a drink and I’ll tell you some lies…neil diamond. yours here however is a bit more dinner oriented 😀 chianti/fava beans?

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