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Look, a post!

Okay, that was lame.

Hi. I’m back, at least today. Since last summer I have been working primarily at my agency’s Tampa office. The computers here are configured such that I can’t use my WordPress reader, posting is more difficult, and I’m not allowed to upload photos, so WP is a frustrating experience that I tend to avoid. At home I’m too busy working or being with my wife to post or read.

This has been a busy and expensive Christmas season. I bought our tickets for Colombia late in the season, which meant premium prices, and then Alicia had a medical emergency after she got there, so I hastened my trip to MedellΓ­n, which meant buying another ticket (I had been booked to join her in Panama). My insurance covers treatment outside the country, but it’s a tedious process and not all hospitals will do direct billing, so I paid for a lot of her tests and visits out-of-pocket and filed for reimbursement after we returned. We had planned a week in Panama, so I had to buy another ticket to get there, had to pay a penalty to reactivate my unused ticket for the rest of my travel, and then there was the cost of a rental car, hotel, meals, etc.

Since our return to the US, Alicia has had two more health crises necessitating trips to the ER. She’s doing fine now. The issues have been caused by low potassium and her thyroid, apparently. Our trip to Dallas had to be postponed, which meant more expense. We did eventually make it, for four lovely days, and fortunately she had no problems there.

It was wonderful to see my kids and my good friends in Texas. Two years was too long to be away. I was pleased that my friends were delighted with Alicia, as she was with them. She loved Dallas, too. It is a clean, orderly, and prosperous place, and the trees have no Spanish moss, as she pointed out.

We visited the neighborhoods where I used to live. I was glad to see that both my old houses are in good shape. My former next-door neighbor told me my last house has been extensively remodeled inside. I could see that the windows and roof had been replaced and a large concrete patio dug out from under the ivy in the back yard. The little house I lived in before has been painted outside and inside, and the carpet replaced with laminate flooring.

My wife notices clothing, jewelry, and housekeeping. I notice the condition of houses.

Now we’re back home and starting on 2015. My goal is to get the house finished inside in time for some friends’ visit in March. I have one bedroom and the staircase to paint and install flooring. Then outside I need to re-side the back wall, replace some screen and rotted wood around the lanai, and paint.

Alicia’s goal is to sell the house this year, at a good price. I’m going to let her handle that. She’s a wizard at sales.

I hope you all are fine. Maybe I’ll get around and look at your blogs one of these days. I have missed you.


8 thoughts on “Look, a post!

  1. Your sense of humor was at stake. But, no need to picket. I took a pole and it was decided you are not lame, just very punny! πŸ˜€
    Oh! so glad you got to spend time with your kids! πŸ™‚
    I hope Alicia feels better now! (I have low potassium and thyroid problems, too.)
    How wonderful to see your “old” homes and see that their condition is good! πŸ™‚
    Good luck on the continued home improvement projects! πŸ™‚
    Family, friends, and fun is more important than blogging. But, know that you are missed around here.
    HUGS!!! for you and Alicia!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Tim and Alicia ! Those last months have been busy for the least and with some problems of health for Alicia but there well circled now and so you know what to do to have a normal life without crisis . My oldest dauhter had her thyroid removed and lives with doses of the hormon thyroxin from synthesis .
    I imagine your emotion Tim to see again Dallas and your ancient locations of life But now you are on a new way filled with promises ;
    MICHEL of Xanga

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