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My current grumps

WordPress. It just killed my post when I tried to save a draft, and I had to start over. On this work computer, I can’t use my Reader. I can get to people’s pages from my Comments, but that limits who I can see. I’m months behind on reading people’s posts because I never have time at home.

Music in stores. Always too loud, usually annoying. I especially hate the kind with wailing. They obviously aren’t after my business.

Badly timed traffic lights. There are some in my neighborhood where it can take four light changes to cross the main road.



Online news in video format. It has ads, it’s slow, it starts whether I want it to or not. Just give me text articles with a few pictures. Or let me start the video when I’m ready for it.

Video ads on webpages. They slow everything down. I can’t install Adblock on my work computer, so I have to wait for ages for a video to cycle when I’m trying to go to a different page. bait-and-switch. I was buying Christmas travel tickets to Colombia and Panama the other night, but when I clicked on the advertised price, I got a notice that it was no longer available and the current price was $120 more. They did it to me twice.

Yard work. It looks great when it’s done, but in a week or two I’ll have to do it again.

Rearranging furniture. I need to get felt pads for all the furniture feet so my wife can just drag stuff around.

Ikea cultural imperialism. Shoving unsuitable European products down our throats. No one in Florida needs a duvet, folks. Most people can’t use 8-foot curtains, either. Are you listening? Hello? Hej? Goddag?

Getting old. I have to go to the dermatologist every few months to get more stuff cut or burned off. Now there’s some sort of lump by my knee, probably a lipoma.

Falling asleep at my desk. Just now I dreamed I punched a duck. It deserved it. It was wearing a suicide bomb vest.


30 thoughts on “My current grumps

    • I have a half-acre yard that was neglected for years. You can imagine the kind of jungle Florida produces. I also have huge oak trees that rain acorns all over the driveway. After it rains there’s Spanish moss and dead branches everywhere.

      • I’m sure you have a jungle in Florida. Bummer. Alabama is bad enough for me.
        Where I’m staying right now has a huge lag raining acorns and limbs in the drive.

  1. It is reassuring to read this. You voiced thoughts I felt guilty for having. The anguished shrieking in stores drives me out too. I don’t know how they can tell if the shoplifting alarm goes off. It sounds exactly like the music.

    I still haven’t figured out how to operate WordPress. I discovered today I had a stack of comments dating back months that I never saw because I had failed to “approve” them. It seems to be random which ones do or don’t need to be approved.

    • I think comments from people you’re subscribed to are automatically approved.

      I generally stuff my ears with Kleenex when I go shopping with my wife. I should start taking my noise-canceling headphones along.

  2. ordinarybutloud says:

    Ikea cultural imperialism…what bugs me about Ikea is it seems like a good place to go to get something I need for cheap, but then when I get there it only has stuff I don’t need. Like 8 foot curtains. Exactly.

    But I have a duvet on my bed.

    Some kind of fungus or disease is eating all the grass in our front yard. I should do something about that.

    • I wanted to buy sheets but they only have bottom sheets and duvet slips. I would happily buy their curtains but they only come in 8′ lengths.

      Fortunately, warm cinnamon rolls are a universal language.

      • ordinarybutloud says:

        That’s weird that they don’t have sheets. I have a duvet on my bed, but I ALSO have a regular set of sheets. But I bought mine at BB&B, with a coupon for 30% off.

          • ordinarybutloud says:

            you should never go to BB&B unless you have the coupon. I get them all the dang time in the mail. I bet 30% of my total mail for a calendar year is coupons for BB&B. One wonders how you could go there and NOT accidentally have a coupon in your wallet or pocket. 😀

  3. You are so right about the duvets. You don’t need them in Florida. Looks like IKEA needs a geometer lesson.
    Sorry to know about your computer. That really sucks, specially since you need to get information and almost most pagers include Ads with video.

  4. The duck deserved it. I agree.

    I feel autoplay is an abomination which oughta be illegal. I have learned to be very quick with the “close window” button. But there is no remedy for the 55 seconds of ads you have to put up with within the video itself. Except of course VIDEO.PBS.ORG — no commercials and good quality stories.

    … stories about Democrats. And Republicans.

  5. I had my so cheesey dreams too but mine were decidely less giving and altogether unpleasant. yay, I know it grumps you out but yay sir, not having time means you’re building up new stories to share…or just more patience to try and decipher me writing. I dislike the bait and switch, however the young people or those that live like them say kayak is the new goto. travelocity became travel impossibility long ago and expedia is anything but expedient. priceline name your own price hired backroom drug thugs to stand over you simply suggesting you type in the RIGHT price.

    • Kayak linked me to Cheapo. For some reason, Cheapo split my fare into two parts, and my card rejected the second one, which showed up over and over. Now Cheapo is contacting me about the second charge. I didn’t authorize two charges, only one. I don’t know what happens if I refuse to pay it.

      • 😉 they call you a “cheapo” for not authorizing the second? what bank allows us that luxury anymore it purposely looks like fraud to banks and they get a shot at non-refundable hooked half your dough?? and by the way Like I’d know anything about internet travel, I only got to go to nyc once and helped om into an emergency north carolina priceline once. I don’t often use successfully any travel site.

  6. This post is a multifacet view of your life ,Tim.
    Furniture : On the life stream we create an amont of furniture .that emcomber our rooms ..I prefer a vegetable garden to a lawn that is always desperately to mow and on and on.
    In friendship
    Michel of xanga

  7. GREAT grumps! You are not alone in your grumps! Onward and grumpward! 🙂

    As for the music in stores…I do love when it is ’70’s rock music! 🙂

    Ha! I never rearrange furniture. Where I position it when I move into a house, is where it is sitting when I have to move out of the house! 🙂

    Yard work is like house work…usually no one notices unless you don’t do it. 🙂

    Thank you for protecting the world from terrorist ducks, Oh-Grump-One!!! 😀

    HappyHUGS!!! 🙂

    • Last night I hung Christmas lights. It was a lot more complicated than last year, because we have some new ones we incorporated and had to figure out how to combine them. Still not done… Alicia loves Christmas and decorates everything she can.

  8. I re-check your post, Tim . I hope you have managed well with the new IKA furnitures and life shows you a horizon more joyous than in November 1, one month ago.
    In friendship
    Michel of xanga

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