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Flooring, paint, and shirts

My wife has been in Colombia for a month now. She’s due back Friday night. In the meantime, I’ve been painting upstairs and laying laminate flooring. My office is completely done, including the baseboards. The hallway needs baseboards and one more piece of flooring to fill the doorway into my wife’s office/closet/son’s room. Rather than put flooring in that room, I tackled our bedroom instead. It’s at the end of the hall, and there was no convenient way to (temporarily) end the floor at the doorway, so I tore out the carpet and went on in.

Here is what a corner of the bedroom looks like before baseboards. I like white walls. Taupe, cream, beige… depressing. The floor is darker than I wanted but it has a great texture and is very durable. I was all excited about how it ended against the outside wall with full-width pieces… and then I remembered that I had started along that same wall in the next room, so it’s only logical that after working my way out to the hall, down the hall into the bedroom, and then back toward the wall, it would end the same way.

The bedroom and its two closets now have fresh flooring, and the bedroom walls are painted. While I was at it, I tore the nasty peeling wallpaper off the bathroom walls and painted them white as well. I also cut off some of the nasty moldy caulk around the tub.

This evening after I get off work, I’ll start putting baseboards back up, cleaning, putting things back where they go, cleaning, washing the laundry, cleaning, mowing, cleaning… so that the house is ready when Alicia gets back.

In other news, I made a rare stop at K-Mart and found these cool cotton shirts on clearance. I don’t have any shortage of shirts, but I bought four plaids and one of the red Hawaiians.

I think Alicia will like them.


22 thoughts on “Flooring, paint, and shirts

  1. Magnificent! Looks like a real original Aloha style with reverse print (pattern printed on the inside of the shirt, not the outside), That style always makes me feel like a walking metaphor: more going on on the inside than on the outside.

  2. Cool shirts! I’m sure she will like them! 🙂

    You are doing some great work, Tim! I love seeing your Handy-Man posts and photos! Always love seeing the work being done! 🙂

    Praying Alicia has a safe trip home! And you two enjoy your celebration of your birth! 🙂

    In case I don’t get back here before the weekend…
    Happy Birthday-HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. For a minute, I thought those racks of shirts were in your closet! It looked as though you had gotten carried away at the clearaace sale!
    You laminate looks great. I feel that white walls are a bit…impersonal, if that makes sense, but I know people who would have nothing else.
    You make me feel guilty for not getting started on my own projects!

    • I probably have that many plaid shirts, with all the ones Alicia has bought me in the past few years. They sell some really nice ones in Colombia.

      A lot of people think white is bland or uninteresting, but I find it refreshing, after being surrounded by various tones of beige.

    • Thank you. I had only been in a K-Mart once in many, many years, but this last visit was very fruitful. My wife loved the shirts I chose.

      We’re enjoying the floor a lot. It seems to make the house cooler upstairs. White walls make the place cheerful and bright. I’m eager to get the rest done.

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