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Alicia’s CD is finally out


This is the CD Alicia recorded with the University Symphonic Band. (My photos don’t do it justice at all, but I’m too lazy to hook up the scanner.) The songs are well-known Latin love songs. Alicia recorded this album just before we got married in November 2012. The mixing was done in a couple of stages last year, and then it was finally issued a couple of weeks ago just in time to be given as a gift to university faculty for Teacher’s Day. Even though Alicia was in Medellín, they somehow forgot to invite her to the ceremony! But they read the dedication and said some very nice things about her.

These are the songs included. The recordings are all outstanding. I seriously think her recording of El día que me quieras will go down as one of the greatest ever. I hope it can get the recognition it deserves.


We had to scrounge to come up with good photos. This one was taken during our Tampa wedding by a high school classmate of mine. The cover photo was done by a studio at the mall. The dedication is lovely, written by Raul Rosero, the director of Colombia’s national philharmonic.


The CD label is pretty cool. I proofread the cover, booklet and label. The only typo left is an extra space on the right side of the disk. I found it after turning in all the others, and it wasn’t worth having the artist work on it yet again.


When we have copies to sell, I’ll let you know. For now she only has a handful.


8 thoughts on “Alicia’s CD is finally out

  1. I’m so excited! I heard her singing on youtube. Such a lovely voice and beautiful pieces she sang too. Please let me know when she is ready to sell. I will buy 🙂

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