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Highly technical product review: Bud Light Lime-a-Rita

I discovered these in 12-packs last year in the beer section at Walmart, and now they’re selling them loose near the door. They are actually quite good. They taste like real lime because they’re naturally flavored. The alcohol is malt rather than tequila, but the drink still tastes like a margarita to me. They have 8% alcohol in an 8-oz can, roughly equivalent to the 4-5% alcohol in a 12-oz beer.

The Straw-ber-Rita and Cran-brrr-Rita are tolerable but unremarkable. They taste somewhat like the fruit juice they’re supposed to contain.

The Mang-o-Rita, however, appears to be made with toxic waste from a chemical factory. It’s artificially flavored and has nothing in common with mango except a vaguely yellow color. In addition, it is artificially sweetened, unlike the others. I took one sip. Well, two, actually, because I couldn’t believe anything could be as bad as that first sip tasted. Then I poured it down the drain. I’m going to write the Budweiser people and complain. Who are their taste-testers?

I haven’t tried the Raz-ber-Rita, and I probably never will.


26 thoughts on “Highly technical product review: Bud Light Lime-a-Rita

  1. theinfiniterally says:

    I wonder about the health affect of mixing artificial sweetener and alcohol. Sounds scary.

    The original ritas were popular in the DBZ household last summer.

  2. YOU NEED TO GET ON MY GIFT TRAIN:) reason is I agree with you! I must add due to my sensitivities the warning that this type of stuff is sugar soda suicide sugary – be careful. now back to taste.
    I liked my strawvberry ‘pardon the lack of getting their nomenclature right. I like them. tasty. not delightful as my “shandy” beers with jimex and beer but remember i like mine far less sweet than others.
    a note to taste is that mango is a relative of poison ivy thus might not be to everyone’s tastes. mango, cashew fairly close relativ
    es later on the poison ivy. I mention this because I like! lychee fruit which is tasty it has a smack very pear but oh lord does the nail polish smells come in. yes you heard that right, you can sugar to jesus some fruits and all you get is sugary nail polish tones. mango is one of those fruits. there is a butyl acetate or something in there that is it’s primary portion of flavor and such things cn never be masked they just are what they are. like or loath.
    butyls are a try not to get butter gbross tone rather something “warm/hot” to the lips and thus a proponant of all cheap whiskeys. if one likes a tire type taste, go for it. but in whiskey I do not in fruit I do. as I said I like lychees and they are quite the wooftah upon opening the foil poich for the candy. if you feel the urge to doubt me or be curious, I warn you this exploration of fancy priced gross sometimes foods has yielded me no stereo system of male pride. but. I humbly ask you to remember all this chemistry next time you munch a cashew…think lame camp experience of laid up for the week in calamine and then with fear and trepidation find the buttons
    kasugai gummy lychee
    kasugai gummy anything
    it’s a funny double j open back e in japanese hear it ghana or however they say that name of their housewifery language of writing and it’s the equivalent of asking you to part bet money as in the modern ten smacks. this might get you also a ramune rah moon ay as in small lychee flavored soda pop with a cool ass glass marble top then when dropped/open makines the monkey nose in the neck of the bottole. if you’re just as dumb with listening to me with money but want something more to the suiting of the american palate, the kasugai gummy orange candies taste like orange marmelade and thus quite yummy. and pocky is by far my favorite joke about heart healthy choc stick treats being a scouch over 40% calories from fat or right on the line for being approvable by the american heart association for dietary choices. but again, I hope you’ve no wuss option and believe in my food you must try as in just look, and remember while I get no break buying in town walmart sells the pocky and or the pacific merchantile sells me my kasugai if I cant find it at h-mart yes, you should smell what is a otherworldly delight.

    • I heard somewhere that in the Philippines most hotels will not allow the patrons to bring lychee fruit into their rooms because the smell is so bad.

      In Colombia the closest thing to shandy is “refajo”, a mix of beer and Colombiana, a creme soda. I prefer grapefruit juice or cranberry juice shandy myself. I buy wine from time to time, but it sits in my fridge because I always reach instead for a beer or a margarita. Maybe I need to mix wine with fruit juice. Heresy!

      It’s fun to shop in the Asian market from time to time. I love dried shredded fish. Last time my wife bought me a bag of something that purported to be barbecue-flavor squid (not shredded) in small individual bags. It was horrible! It would go nicely with a Mang-o-Rita if you need to make yourself vomit.

      • I’m leary of there dried things as they’re stinky. but I’m also just a wuss american who knows not where and how food is made with the cellophane wrapped this or that… because whi8le I’ll avoid dried fish in any form of bulk I wont avoid a ramen cup with shrimp- the very swame dried fish product as I’d say smells and is distinctly asian and thus they smell sometimes πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ it is how we are introduced to things… one can find out why frenchmen love their varied diet and see they got happy variety as a baby

  3. Ew, fruit-flavored beer! These sound like wine coolers with a beer label. Have you heard of a margarona? It’s a margarita with a bottle of Carona in it—litlerally, a bottle—turned upside down in the glass. I guess the point is that, as you drink the rita, the beer starts to run into it. I haven’t had one and am pretty sure I won’t. It might be fun to see, though.

    • I saw a drink like that at a place on Panama City Beach.

      The Lime-a-Rita is much better and tangier than any wine cooler I’ve had, and the Marg-o-Rita is much worse. The Cran-brrr-Rita and Straw-ber-Rita are comparable to an average wine cooler.

  4. Ha! πŸ™‚ about the taste-testers! One wonders don’t one! πŸ˜€

    I’m not one for such drinks, but nice to know I’m not missing out on anything.

    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! πŸ™‚

  5. “I haven’t tried the Raz-ber-Rita, and I probably never will.” hahahhahaha

    agree re: mark knopfler — kick a$$ musician!

    i’m not really a bier/beer drinker, but when there’s a little lime or lemonade or fruit juice added, and if it is chilled, i am able to enjoy it.

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