Before he was president of Colombia…

Juan Manuel Santos, the president of Colombia, was at the University of Kansas at the same time I was. I never met him, although I was a classmate of his cousin Francisco, who later was vice president under Uribe. What people don’t know about Juan Manuel is that before he was minister of defense or president…

…he played an alien in the hilarious movie Galaxy Quest.



17 thoughts on “Before he was president of Colombia…

  1. That is very interesting.
    Sometimes, I find that we don’t know much about the Presidents and Prime Minister’s of other countries. Mainly becAUSE THE MEDIA is only after the ones who get into trouble.

  2. Tim, you are solidly in the dry-humor/spoof territory. A place I found, from my own experience, to have perils. I learned to use my ‘Wu’ doppelganger at the bottom of posts to raise suspicion as to whether the events transpired as stated. Fabrication was always the safest bet.
    I do believe that Senor Santos most likely does have pix he’d like to ‘disappear’, and you’ve made it that much easier now for him to call them also a hoax. He owes you one.

    • After the first couple of comments here, I made sure the Xanga copy of this post included a disclaimer.

      One of the first of your posts that I read had to do with some kind of award you’d earned, having to do with music, I think. At the time I didn’t know what to make of it, and I never did go back to see what the play on words was. I should look it up again.

  3. ordinarybutloud says:

    hmmmmmmm….there IS an uncanny resemblance. And also, may I say, both gentleman are quite striking, in the way that you might call a woman “handsome,” or a child “unusual.”

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