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Alicia’s jewelry sales

In Colombia, Alicia supplemented her half-time university professorship with clothing and jewelry sales. She still takes clothes and perfume to sell to her clients every time she visits Medellín. When I visit the university where she used to teach, I can spot her clients because they’re the best dressed ladies there. She remembers each client’s sizes and preferences and every single thing she has sold to them in the past. She will assemble full outfits for them: blouse, slacks or skirt, accessories. It’s amazing how she can remember the precise shade of a blouse and coordinate it with a skirt from a different store, a necklace and bracelet from another source, earrings from a third, a scarf  from a fourth…. She’s a master.

From Colombia she brought handmade jewelry to sell here, but has not been very successful because we only know a handful of people in the Tampa area.

Last night I listed one of her pieces on eBay. You can see it at this link: Bead necklace and earring set. Here’s a photo:



We will be listing her entire stock in the coming days. If the auction approach is unsuccessful, we may just post with Buy It Now prices. We chose to go with eBay because my impression is that things move faster there than Etsy, although I could be wrong.

Most of her jewelry is made with natural stones and stainless steel or silver. The workmanship is outstanding. I’m sure it will sell well once we find the right venue.

I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t worry, WordPress, I won’t be trying to sell here.


8 thoughts on “Alicia’s jewelry sales

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Very cool and a lot of folks post their sites and crafts, jewelry here on wp. So no problem if you do.
    I think you are wise to do ebay as you get a wider audience.
    Good luck an shave a good week end.

  2. Alicia’s work is so beautiful! 🙂
    People do list their jewelry for sale here, or, at least, links to their other sites.
    E-bay is usually a good place to sell.
    I wish her luck!
    I think it just takes getting a few buying and then the sales pick up by word of mouth.
    I know two women on WP who sell their arts and crafts.
    HUGS!!! 😉

    • She doesn’t actually make the jewelry, but a lot of it is made to her design. She’s very careful about what she buys.

      I linked this set and another on Facebook, and they were bought by a friend for his wife. Now I have to figure out the best way to ship to Thailand…

      People have responded very well to the photos I put up on Facebook. I’m planning to put several more pieces or sets on eBay this weekend.

  3. ordinarybutloud says:

    Very pretty and colorful! I know nothing about marketing stuff online. I’ve only used Ebay once, and it was in 2006 when I needed another “nunny” for my infant daughter who would only sleep while clutching a certain specific Carter’s brand microfiber blanket with a rattling bunny head.

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