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Everyday scam

The other day at Dollar Tree I noticed that the wool detergent bottle had the same shape as the regular detergent. When I turned them around and read the ingredients, they were identical! In other words, there is no difference between these two detergents except packaging.

I wonder how many other product scams like this are perpetrated on us every day.



22 thoughts on “Everyday scam

  1. Good to know — I wonder if Woolite (the branded wool detergent) is also the same as other detergents ~ ~ ~
    The other scam that I hate is the same packaging/smaller quantities. It began with cereals and similar products — now bar soap with great scoops out of the middle!

  2. I think that sometimes, the only difference between products is the proportions–maybe not even that. I suppose that we should always read labels, and I do to a certain extent, but I haven’t read a detergent label lately! I have read cosmetics labels, though, and they are the biggest ripoff in the world!

  3. jr cline says:

    Lots of them. I’m an avid label reader. I found one the other day. Spinach in the salad section cost more than spinach in the greens section. Same weight. Same company. Different colored bag. Both said baby spinach. rofl

  4. Unfortunately, lots of them. I check labels a lot. Often the more expensive one of something…we are just paying for a fancier bottle or the “name”. I know people who if they pay more they feel better. Ha. Not me. I look for the bargains.

    Most shampoos have the same ingredients in them…and those basic ingredients will do the job…but shampoos range in price from .78 to $10+ dollars depending on WHERE you buy them.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. happierheathen says:

    It’s a super common phenomenon, and is just marketing. Some of it’s actually because you’ll sell more units of a higher priced “specialty” item than you will sell of the same product at a lower price. Many consumers mistakenly believe that a higher retail price reflects a higher production cost which implies higher cost, higher quality ingredients. In most cases, a higher retail price implies only a more expensive marketing campaign and/or market perception manipulation.

    If you want to go cheap and actually get healthier hair and scalp out of the deal, ditch the shampoo altogether and use a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse. Just search the web for the disgusting name “no-poo” for the details. I’ve been doing it for years because commercial shampoos cause a fierce dandruff for me — as it does for many.

    • I’ve always used cheap shampoos (VO5 works fine for me and costs a buck), so it’s not worth it to me. My wife will spend $30 for a tiny tube of moisturizer without batting an eye. I have no idea what really works in that realm, and it’s not worth it to make a fuss, but lately we tried some generic products that listed the same ingredients as the brand name for a couple of products. I’m hoping she gets hooked.

  6. Wow, that is a good thing you check the ingredients. I have never checked the ingredients in “Woolite” and “Tide”. They are so different, that you wouldn’t think twice if they are the same.

  7. I think it happens a lot. And I think a lot of people are afraid to try anything other than a name brand. When it comes to food, some off brands aren’t the best. However, I have found some off brands to taste just as good or better than name brands. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and try them.

    Also, I love the Dollar Tree. I shop there a lot.

    • I buy generics all the time. A lot of generics are made by the same factories as the brand names. Sometimes the contents are identical. In Texas, for instance, all grocery store breads used to be made by Mrs. Baird bakeries. Then Mrs. Baird was bought by Bimbo.

      • Bought by a Bimbo? That’s rather judgemental…hahaha. I find that the HEB products are usually, but not always, just as good as the brand name. There are some brands I won’t give up, though, like Heinz ketchup and Quaker oatmeal. I also need soap products that are unscented, and, of COURSE, we have to pay more for less perfume!

  8. digitalgranny says:

    I get all of my supplies from the $ tree here. It all cleans the same and as well as the expensive name brands, but saves me a ton of money.
    Wa dded it up one day compared to what we would shave paid for name brands-$ tree $7 and name brands over $50.

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