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Bluetoothing music from my phone

This morning when I got in my new car, I turned up the volume on the radio to look for a station, and discovered that it was playing the music I have stored on my phone, in random order. So I listened to that instead of the radio. This is what is on my phone:

Alicia Isabel Santacruz: A mis amigos (My wife! Her first album, produced in 1983)

Alicia Isabel Santacruz: Migas de silencio (Her second album, from about 1988. The weird thing is that the title song is about her. The songwriter had a crush on her for years and finally realized nothing would come of it, so he wrote a goodbye song I translated here on my Xanga site a couple of years ago. He’s 30-some years older than she is.)

Carlos Vives: miscellaneous songs (Great music from Colombia’s north coast, mostly modernized vallenato)

Chris Rea: The Best of Chris Rea (Fool If You Think It’s Over is on this one, but the ones I really like are The Road To Hell, Auberge, and Going Fishing)

Crosby, Stills & Nash: CSN

Juan Fernando Fonseca: Ilusión (More lively modernized vallenato music)

José Luis Perales: 30 grandes éxitos (If I could be a singer, I’d be this guy. Lovely ballads)

Los Loney Boys: Los Lonely Boys (Texican rock and roll)

The Monkees: The Birds, the Bees, and the Monkees (Mostly obscure songs and alternate takes)

Coco Montoya: The Essential Coco Montoya (Bluesy rock)

The Moody Blues: Seventh Sojourn (One of the great albums of all time. No flaws)

Willie Nelson: Willie and Family Live


20 thoughts on “Bluetoothing music from my phone

    • The only Zep I ever owned was Houses of the Holy. One of my best friends and I spent the summer of 1979 traveling around Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and he had it on cassette. I got hooked on it and bought the album. Then when I got married the first time, I got rid of a lot of my records, including that one.

      I paid $8 to see Moody Blues in KC in the late 1970s, when they were doing their Octave tour. It was a great concert. Somewhere I have my negatives from the photos I shot.

  1. g. says:

    Seventh Sojourn came out the year I was born. It reminds me of being little and listening to my brother (12 yrs my senior) playing records.

    • The first Moody Blues album I heard was Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. I accumulated four or five, but Seventh Sojourn is the only one I reacquired when I got rid of my LPs and started buying CDs. I actually saw the Moody Blues in concert in my college days; I paid $8 to see their Octave concert. (Back then it bugged me to spend more for a concert than for a record. Now you can’t even park at a concert for the price of a CD.)

    • I’ve avoided Apple products for that reason, among others. Maybe I don’t want my devices to sync! Maybe I don’t want to use iTunes! But it is nice to have my phone connect automatically with my car when I get in.

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