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My wife, featured in “Colombia’s 100 Most Beautiful Songs”

I looked up the title of this five-CD collection for inclusion in liner notes for another album cover Alicia is creating today, and was amazed to see that it is currently available on Amazon! I thought it was out of print.

The collection is a Who’s Who of Colombian folk singers. Alicia is one of only two women featured. Of the 100 recordings, 99 are traditional arrangements, a sharp contrast with Alicia’s more modern arrangement of Chambú.

To give you a feel for the difference, here is Tiplecito de mi vida, sung by Berenice Chavez (the other woman in the list):

Compare it with Alicia Isabel Santacruz’s rendition of Chambú:

The other 98 songs are male ensembles playing guitars, tiples, and/or cuatros. Most sound very much like María Antonia by the famous duo Garzón y Collazos:

I have no idea how much Alicia’s pioneering has to do with it, but there are now other musicians creating modern versions of traditional music styles, especially vallenato. Check out two of my favorites, Fonseca and Carlos Vives.


9 thoughts on “My wife, featured in “Colombia’s 100 Most Beautiful Songs”

  1. Congratulations to Alicia! 🙂 I only had time to listen to the first two songs…I love Alicia’s voice! 🙂 I will come back later and listen to more of the songs! That’s so cool to update/modernize the traditional songs. It will get younger people listening and then they will check out the “older” versions. Kinda’ like when people like Tony Bennett do duets with younger popular-now musicians/singers. It draws in the next generation to his music.
    HUGS to you and Alicia!!! 🙂

  2. I love the ‘conflicted’ hanging last chord… and the meter-play typical of the style (semiola?) vhere the 6 beats are divided into either three tvos or tvo threes. (Sorry, our torrential rains here killed my ‘double-you’ key on the lap top.)
    She does have a voice that inspires love at first sight/ listen.
    Took me a vhile on my pirated Vifi to get the song to play, so I’ll suffice for novv vis her tune.
    And thanks for the reminder of the ‘tiple’. Hadn’t even thought of the vord or instrument for maybe thirty years. I actually played in, an electric one, , in an emergency on a tour once somevhere. learned to play it in the motel room.
    just checked, the tvvo albums on the top of my ‘Latin’ pile are Gato Barbieri and Reuben Blades.
    So do tell me, is his name really pronounced like the Gillette Blades? Cuz that vat da guy in da muzik store sed…

    • The keyboard glitch gives your typing a German accent. It reminds me of a pseudo-vampire lady in one of Terry Pratchett’s books. It also reminds me of a story my dad told about his (German) father teaching Dad’s sister to drive: “Stamp down on de clutch mit your foot!”

      Alicia’s got 19 songs on Youtube from her first two albums, recorded 30 years ago. This album she’s working on right now was recorded last year with the Banda Sinfónica Universidad de Antioquia, with whom she performed a concert on Thanksgiving day last month. It will be given as a gift to the faculty of education at the university. It was supposed to be the Christmas gift, but the campus closed last week, so now they’ll give it out when the profs return in January. I hope they save a stack for us.

      While fact-checking the liner notes, I discovered that Amazon has an LP with a song of Alicia’s that was a Uniroyal Christmas gift in Colombia from 1983: There were various big companies that would issue compilations of the year’s best songs; we had a couple of similar albums in our record cabinet when I was a kid. So I guess I’ll buy a copy to work on completing Alicia’s collection.

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