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Cerro El Volador

Alicia’s son Juan Manuel had soccer practice in a park at the top of this mountain in the middle of Medellín, not far from the apartment where we were staying. He invited us to come watch him, so we crossed the street and a university campus and started up the trails. The trails were way too muddy, so we backtracked and went around to the left where there is a road into the park.


It took us an hour and a half to get there. We stopped at a little store for a drink, then trudged up a trail to the very top of the hill, from which you can see most of the city.

Somewhere in this photo is the apartment where we were staying, the house I lived in during the 1960s, and the school I attended through 9th grade.


This photo looks toward the west. Somewhere toward the right center, behind all  the apartment buildings, is the house where Doña Herlinda lives. Alicia and I shared some pleasant moments on her balcony at the beginning of our courtship, and a few more on this trip. The house my family owned in San Cristóbal is over the hill just beyond the dark spot of vegetation in the middle of the photo. A friend and I hiked to the top of the mountain on the horizon about 40 years ago, accompanied by our little dog Bambuco.





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