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Flooded streets

The other day in Medellín we got caught in a downpour on our way to visit friends. The streets flooded to the curb, and flowed like rivers. Our taxi’s belt squealed a little but the motor didn’t stall.



After a few blocks, we were out of the flooded area and back on safe streets.



15 thoughts on “Flooded streets

  1. Holy cow! It DOES look like a river! I would be a little scared; a lot of people drown around here when they drive onto flooded streets, but I suppose they are used to it there.
    There a lot of ghost orbs in your pictures! :O 😉

    • Them ghost orbs is raindrops in my camera’s flash. Fortunately streets flooding like that is not very common; apparently some storm drains failed or a creek overflowed. We drove into another area where all the manhole covers had popped out. Our taxi hit one of those manholes with both a front and a back wheel. We were going slowly, fortunately.

  2. Wow! Scary! I used to live in a city that had that problem during the summer rains. Some people canoed down the streets. But every year someone, in their car, died in the flashflooding. 😦

  3. This year is a flood one . In France there are also a lot of floodings in not usual area , in the South .
    Your taximan took risks .
    I checked your pages because it seems to me I did not hear from you for whjle . I hope all is OK for you both
    In friendship

    • Hi, Michel. Sorry I have been out of touch. At the office where I work, it is hard to use WordPress because of the way the computers are configured, and at home I’m always too busy. I have been doing well, but my wife had a few health crises in December and January. She’s okay now. We had nice visits to Medellín and to Dallas and now are back at home in Tampa.

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