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Limping along as a blogger

I’ve been blogging since 2005 and have yet to find my groove. I journaled in my Xanga blog for the first few years (a way to keep in touch with my kids), then from 2009 to 2012, I alternated between creative writing, handyman blogs, translated song lyrics, and photoblogs. Since December 2010, my romance with Alicia (now my wife) has been a major topic as well. I had a wonderful and very supportive group of online friends who didn’t mind me skipping from topic to topic.

I moved from Xanga to WordPress last year, along with several dozen of my favorite Xangans. Over here I’ve found an excellent community of TCK/expat/multicultural bloggers, and have contributed a post or two and many comments to their discussions. But blogging has come hard for me this year. I continue with my handyman blogs, and the occasional Latin music video with translated lyrics, but rarely feel like writing thoughtfully about cultural issues, and haven’t been inspired to do creative writing at all. I think it’s because my stress level is much higher than it was in Dallas, thanks primarily to my financial situation.

On Xanga, it didn’t take a whole lot to get featured on the front page, especially the last couple of years. Here it seems very unlikely that I ever will be. My hodge-podge approach is not a great fit. If I were to split my blog into two or three, it might work better: a handyman blog, one focused on Latin America, possibly one focused on creative writing. But what a lot of work!

So I guess I’ll continue to limp along. I’m grateful for the Xanga friends who are still around and are generous with their comments and Likes. At least I’m not posting into the void like I did those early years on Xanga.


15 thoughts on “Limping along as a blogger

  1. I enjoy your blogs. I think the formula for being featured on the frontpage is different here, but I have never aimed for that kind of thing. I also think there is something you have to check if you want your blog on Freshly Pressed. It might not show up on the first few pages, but it will allow for more recognition. Using the right tags help as well. If you use popular tags, more people will find you.

    • I wonder if the tags I’ve used have brought any readers. I should see if there’s a way to find out, possibly in the stats page. I don’t care that much about being famous, but I would enjoy mingling with more people.

      • Not on this blog, but on Inkfell, I get more traffic if I include the inspiration for my piece. I would search tags and then just tag your posts with the popular tags to bring in a few more readers.

  2. For me, blogging has always been about the people, the friends. Good ones will hang in there no matter what we blog about. Which is so nice and so generous of them!!! 🙂

    I feel like I limp along here, too, as I don’t have much time for blogging these days.

    I’ve always enjoyed your blogs, Tim!!! Way back to when I first started reading your blog on Xanga!!! 🙂

    You can do it your way and it’s okay! 🙂 We care about you, so we will pop in to see what you’re up to and how you and Alicia are doing! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. digitalgranny says:

    I enjoy your writing and seeing the changes in your homes as you remodel and repair.
    I am grateful you are here and have remained. Many folks from Xanga who came over to word press have moved on, and many are only on face book which I do not have the time to do anymore.
    I am grateful for my Xanga friends here and the wonderful new folks I have met here on wp.
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs to you and Alicia))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. I’ve always liked your blogs. Maybe, when you’re stress level is reduced, you can carry out your tri-blog plan.
    I always assume that I am posting to no one, that way, I’m not disappointed if I get no comments or reaction. The transplanted Xangans are pretty good about reading other Xangan’s things. I don’t get over to Xanga as much as I want to because WP keeps me pretty busy.
    I’ve been into Facebook recently. Not because I have a lot of “friends,” but because I’ve subscribed to some sites that post things of interest to me. Twitter is a total mystery!
    So, keep blogging about what moves you and we will keep reading!

  5. it really is a different world here. i enjoy and have always enjoyed your posts but i too realize how this splintered blogging feeling only gets amplified by the realities of our daily lives. xanga, in that respect, was like a bubble – good or bad. I now believe that this will be my last online imprint. i suppose things must evolve.

    it kind of makes me wonder why the tagging idea that soullfire floated was never popular. i thought that if we spent that last month and a half ingraining it to everyone, we never would have had to do this whole paid platform thing and just looked at our tags subscription.

    i guess things happen for a reason. for what it’s worth, i hope things calm down with your financial situation. the holidays can truly put a dent in one’s wallet.

  6. g. says:

    Maybe eclectic *is* your groove… I like that your blog posts have a lot of variety. As for cultural issues and creative writing, I think it’s normal our inclination to post complex or highly creative material fluctuates according to how much creativity our daily life demands. Sometimes our energies are elsewhere (mine are, at least). But these blogs aren’t like newspaper columns; we follow the people who write them as much as the content itself. We know that not every day–or month, or even year–is the same as another.

  7. Ashtshen says:

    If I were posting into anything but the void, I would freak out. I’m glad to have you guys around, but is it really worth it to be out for Internet celebrity?

  8. I don’t feel the urge to aim for in wordpress. I will say if it surprises you that I by average read more of you here than I did in xanga….I hope that continues. I know enough of how to be uniquely me not to be more than a bedevil ment of the language – which one was that??- to write with; I know there is no magic subject -sso if I have the luck to translate passion into words… yippee yo kaiaye. I can’t gauruntee any particular thing will “sell” save that I’m fun on occassion. so are you.

  9. The folks are correct who mention that we follow you as a person first, and as a source of interesting content, a close second. I for one would probably tolerate a string of up to, say, twenty posts portraying power tools, one by one, new or used, Black or Decker, before declaring you ‘unsound’ and ‘Unfollowing’. nah, make that thirty.

  10. ordinarybutloud says:

    I hadn’t noticed your limp. I’m just glad you’re still here. Love watching you tile the dining room, by the way. But that belongs on your handyman blog.

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