Sometimes I’m so brilliant I get on my own nerves

(One more trick for installing laminate)

Tonight I tackled the floor around the semicircular end of the bottom step. I put a piece of flooring up against it next to where it will go, and figured out where the ends of the semicircle would be by sliding the second piece up against the semicircle on each side. Since it happens that the previous row of flooring came up right against the circle, theoretically I only needed to mark one of the two ends of the arc.


I clipped a clothespin just outside the mark and flipped the board over on the semicircular step so that the clothespin touched it and the front edge of the board was flush with the step edge. I traced the arc I needed to cut on the underside of the board.


My cut didn’t come out perfect, but it was close enough. The tile I’ll use to cover the step is thick enough to cover the gaps.


Okay, neighbors, I’ll stop using my power tools in the driveway now. Two rooms down, four plus a hallway to go… and that’s just the ย ones that get laminate flooring. Three other rooms will be tiled.




5 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m so brilliant I get on my own nerves

  1. RuthG says:

    This is a problem that has no solution, because if you mess up you will ALSO get on your own nerves. Oh well, better that it be for brilliance! It’s looking great.

  2. Excellent job! You have mad skills from all of your experience – and probably from having a natural inclination for things like this. Some things can not be taught – they come natural. peace

  3. j.e.glaze says:

    Tim, you are most talented. and least talented. you are the whole spectrum of talent. which is a compliment. anyway, you do excellent work, and I admire that about you.

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