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Living room floor is half done



I got half of the floor done in the two living areas, thanks to help from my brother-in-law Diego who worked with me from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00.

The flooring is a thick snap-lock floor I got from Lumber Liquidators. I bought the foam padding online because it was $10 a roll instead of $25. It ended up being a tricky job, mostly because it’s hard to keep a straight line when you’re connecting two rooms through a doorway. We have found a tapping block to be an invaluable tool.



The firs thing we did was install the cedar beams around the fireplace. They look considerably better now that they have been sanded and oiled. There is more scalloped trim to be added once the floor and baseboards are done. I also need to put up the mantelpiece.



Here you can see the cedar up close. There were big plugs in the holes. I need to reinstall the plugs, cut them flush, and oil them.


Working through the doorway required adding flooring in both rooms out as far as we could, then notching a piece of flooring around the wall, trimming off the little lip that provides the snap-lock, running a bead of glue along that edge, and tapping the piece back into place where it connects both sides of the wall. The two rooms are a little different so we had to lever the flooring out from the wall on one side to try to square it up with the other one. Β It’s still tricky trying to add flooring in this area of the room, because there is still a tiny bit of an angle. (We undercut the door trim so the floor edges don’t show much at all.)


I had fun notching around this piece by the chimney. I cut a little curve to fill in where the cedar has splintered.Β (The hole to the right of the column Β is maybe 1/8″ or 3/16″ but looks bigger in the photo.)


I have done all this work without a tape measure; I just hold the piece I’m going to use against the space or wall or beam, and mark with a pencil. If I need lines I use a scrap of flooring as a square or ruler. I’d use my square but I can’t find it. So far I’m very happy with my level of precision.

Well, my break is done. Back to work.



29 thoughts on “Living room floor is half done

  1. Half done is wonderful. Looks great too.
    I have a floating floor with a peaking problem. I’ve been trying to work on it, but the renters are being a problem. πŸ™‚

    • I hope this one doesn’t peak. I haven’t left any room at the ends. I figure since the a/c hasn’t run in a couple of weeks, the humidity ought to be high right now so the boards aren’t likely to get any longer come spring. I hope.

  2. Wow! What great work you are doing, Tim! The floors look amazing! And the cedar beams are beautiful! How nice that Diego put in all those hours to help! πŸ™‚
    The house will look so festive when the Christmas decorations go up!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  3. ordinarybutloud says:

    Those floors are beautiful. I love them. Great choice…very modern-traditional with the wide planks. Are you going to have shelving or something alongside the fireplace, where the cedar makes those frames? I think cedar shelving would look lovely there.

    • The original shelves are pine boards stained the same brown/orange that the cedar was. I’m planning to paint them white, although cedar shelving would be cool. But I don’t know where I could get wide cedar boards.

      • ordinarybutloud says:

        White shelves could look cool. I just thought with the cedar frames the matching shelves would be unusual. But white pine sounds nice. I love shelves. Because of the books,of course. πŸ™‚

  4. The nice part is being your own supervisor, so you don’t have to hear all your hard-to-explain tricks second-guessed. This job is very familiar to me. And like the description of a soldier’s life ‘Boredom, with occasional moments of sheer horror’, putting down a floor around existing doors and masonry go like lightning some of the time, but turns into molasses-in-January.
    It came out worthy of ‘House Beautiful magazine. Bravo
    But I read your lead sentence: ‘The firs thing I did… and thought Hmm.. doesn’t look like fir to me, ha.

    • Yeah, I saw my typo when I went back to the post last night but was too tired and lazy to correct it. Today at work they have WP blocked, so I won’t be doing any more posting from this office. But for some reason, I still have access to the little comments blurb at the top of the page.

      The “tricks” part of the job gets easier with age and experience, but the kneeling/crouching/standing/crawling part gets worse. My back sorely misses my wife, who has become expert at popping the vertebra into place with her chin.

  5. Oh, and off-topic, just wanted you to know that OBL found the Northwest Passage around that annoying mini-view Condom in the Reader. Yes, you just click on ‘437 more words’ or whatever, and bingo, you’re in China. i knew she could do it!

    • Excellent news! Very good to know.

      I have just discovered that, while my employer has blocked my Reader, they haven’t blocked the menu bar. I can get to specific blogs through the Comments blurb, but can’t read my general feed. I guess I need to activate the Post-by-email feature, and check my yahoo e-mail to see people’s posts. .

    • I have worked as a carpenter in the past. I had a handyman business in addition to my regular job when I lived in Dallas. I wish I could do it full time but I am grateful for the pay and benefits of my professional job.

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