WordPress lameness

For some reason, WordPress defaults to Aside for the format of my posts, which means my posts go up without a visible title. When I correct that, the change may or may not make it to the view seen in the Reader.

What’s up with the lame and ugly blue-edged pop-up when I click on a post I want to read? Why can’t I go straight to the post instead of the stupid in-between version?

Why does WP have two editors? I have to Save Draft and reopen it with Edit to add a category or media or do any formatting.

With no word count displayed on the Reader, my current post on politics looks like it consists of two or three lines of text. I’ll have to change my opening lines if I want anyone to read it.

And why do they keep wanting me to Follow Matt Mullenweg? Will he pay any attention if I make these comments on his blog?

Ha, they automatically changed WordPress (lower-case P) to WordPress in my title! Only in the Reader view, it’s not corrected in the title, but it is in the first line of text. I should go back and add WordPress to every single paragraph and see how many get corrected.

WordPress. WordPress. WordPress. WordPress. WordPress.


25 thoughts on “WordPress lameness

  1. Xanga chose Voidpress as their replacement platform, continuing to demonstrate their technical and management savvy. Voidpress is written in PHP. Real programmers don’t write in PHP except under duress.

    I, too, have noticed that the better they make it the less I like it. Eventually they’ll improve the thing into extinction.

  2. That’s a fascinating thought, WP as scientology, I’ll keep thinking about it.
    That stupid mandatory middle page when trying to read a post in the Reader is a recent abomination. Used to be choosable, although I forget how, if I ever .knew.
    I think there are three Editors, Tim. Each sucks in its own way, , but I now only use the one clickable from the left side of that page where your blog lives, whatever it’s called.
    There is a Settings link there somewhere, and if you check ‘Writing’ under it, you may find that your posting is set to default to Aside . Try that.
    No word count is another ‘duh’ omission. Don’t know how anyone sane, curious, and busy could live without it. But it appears the Church Elders decided that it’s expendable.
    Tim, i am vastly and profoundly distressed by the bugs and annoyances on this site. In part because I expected more, more skillful pilots in the cockpit.
    Keep listing your own bug collection, I shall also, and vow not to sleep until the joint shapes up.

  3. That is something new. I noticed it a couple of days ago. If you do not want your post to automatically be an aside, you have to create the post from your dashboard. You used to be able to tell WordPress which format you wanted the post to be in when you clicked the button from your reader, but they have changed it.

      • I know. I was irritated when I found out because I know I changed my settings so that it would not be an Aside when I clicked the new post button. Since I have added categories, I go to the dashboard anyway, but you shouldn’t have to do that.

  4. Thank you Tim for pointing out about the Aside posts. I have wondered why some posts didn’t have a topic/title, and I could not open.
    I also agree with you on the post when you open in the Reader, but it goes to a small posts. And you have to click on the original to see the whole post.

  5. Even in Xanga 2.0 I can control typeface and links and tags and formatting. WordPress editing is like throwing a bunch of text into the air and seeing where it lands.

  6. I have my WP setup so that I get an email whenever one of my “followers” posts, so all I have to do is open the email and click on the title if I want to read the whole thing. I don’t think I’ve ever used the reader. I do use it on Xanga, since it seems to be the only way to find out about posts, and on that reader, the whole post is visible, and t hat’s okay, except for when there are several long posts. By the time I scroll to the bottom of them, I have to go to the next page. It makes for lots of page turning and scrolling, and…geez, sometimes I just quit

  7. I have noticed many of these issues with wordpress ( I put that all in little letters – I don’t think they will correct it). When I first post a post on wordpress it really isn’t posted either. I have to do some weird back and forth before it appears. wordpress and I have communication issues. I miss old Xanga! peace always

    • Peace ( and Everyone):
      I see a bunch of references to Xanga and looked it up (a website that hosts weblogs, photoblogs, and social networking profiles) – but is it part of WordPress? Is it another blog site or a way to link your social media sites?

      • Xanga used to be a very active blogging platform and social networking site. They closed it down a few months ago when the lease ran out on their servers, and reopened it as a paid blogging service, A lot of Xangans moved over to WordPress. Some of us are still on Xanga, and some (like me) are running a blog here and a blog there. It was a great place to build friendships while still keeping a modicum of anonymity if you wanted. For a while it was dominated by high schoolers, but they moved on several years ago.

      • Xanga is a blogging site and is now powered by WordPress. That is a very recent development (a few months). Before that Xanga was on a completely separate platform written with custom programming/ code. The original Xanga (I was there over 9 yrs and I believe it was around about 14 years) added many features through the years, it had an extremely easy editor, multiple profile photos (avatars), good photo storage, great privacy features, etc. Due to changes in web development, code writing, etc, it became cumbersome for the XangaTeam plus economics was greatly impacting them. They decided to switch to WordPress platform supposedly making maintenance, etc, much less cumbersome. Now it’s still in a crazy transitional phase trying to transfer to the WordPress platform so it has some issues and will never be old Xanga again.

  8. My beef with wp is that people email me about my blog, but they can’t “Like” a post unless they happen to be bloggers themselves. That cuts out a lot of people who don’t want to have to register to be a blogger so that they can click a button! Why shouldn’t anybody be able to do this?! :[

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