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Beard net, copulating grasshoppers, zombies, and missionary kids

Images of the past week.

One of our errands last week took us to Sam’s, where as usual we bought the frozen yogurt berry parfait. The young man who served us was wearing a beard net, the first one we’d ever seen. I sneaked a photo with my phone as discreetly as I could:


On our cat porch we discovered these copulating grasshoppers. The female was twice as big as the male. I don’t know what became of them once the cats came into the lanai.


Our cat Pumpkin was limping. He had  these odd puncture marks on his foot. We took him to the vet a day or two later, but the marks had disappeared. All he had left at that point was a fever, which the doctor said would go away in a couple of days. He is doing fine now.


This is me with some friends at the entrance to the Goodwill store. But Alicia doesn’t want me telling people that we shop there, so I won’t say any more.


Friday I got assigned a quick trip to Panama City, Florida. I flew up in the morning by way of Atlanta (nearly all the Panama City travel is through Atlanta) and got a rental car. There are gorgeous pine forests surrounding the city and airport. The trees are all the same size and planted in rows. You can see the rows in this photo.


I didn’t know how long the interview I was interpreting would last (it ended around 5:00), and the only flight out was around 6:30, so I got a hotel room and flew back Saturday morning.

I discovered that Dave, a Facebook friend who had grown up in Colombia, was in town, so we picked him up Sunday for lunch, and he spent that night in our guest room. Coincidentally, he is the oldest brother of Frank, who had to empty 20 lbs of rotten meat out of a freezer in my last post! I had met Dave personally only once, back in 1965 or 1967 when his family visited us in Puerto Asís on their way out of their tribal location. (His parents were Bible translators and worked with the Siona tribe in the southwest of Colombia.) I had a great time talking to him; even though I hadn’t known him before, we have a lot of background in common, including jungle life and living on the mission base where I went to high school. His brother Bob was a classmate of mine in 11th grade.

Anyway, we put him to work, and he painted the dining and living rooms.


I discovered these height marks in a doorway and decided to take a photo to send to the previous owner of the house, before we painted them over.


Yesterday morning I did the van brakes while Dave painted another coat. In the afternoon we went to Clearwater Beach before taking him to the airport. Alicia was very happy to get to wade in the Gulf. (We’ve lived here almost a year but have only been to the beach a couple of times.)




26 thoughts on “Beard net, copulating grasshoppers, zombies, and missionary kids

  1. The beard nets are weird. Hubby had to wear one at plant he was visiting. He was in Florida last week and said that the weather was really nice: he was expecting a tropical storm.
    Gee, now that your friend knows that you will put him to work, he might never come back! 🙂

  2. Crystalinne says:

    I’ve seen and giggled at the beard net at Sam’s too. Nothing wrong with going to GoodWill or some of the other 2nd hand shops. They have great prices on books/Dvds. Sorry your kitty got hurt. It was nice of you to take a pic of the height marks and send it. I have similar marks in the doorway of this house. I think I actually shrunk, one boy stayed the same, but the youngest has grown like a weed in the last 3 years!

    • It looks like they only recorded height in 2008-2009, but even so… My sister has her children’s entire childhood growth marked in her kitchen doorway in LA. They were fortunate enough to be in the same house the whole time. My kids were in several houses before settling into the family homestead in 1996… and then I moved out in 2001.

  3. Ha! Great photos!
    I once posted…okay…I twice posted…okay it was thrice posted…photos of grasshopper lovin’…but I know that doesn’t surprise you. 😀
    Aw! That was so nice of you to send the previous owner a photo of the height markings…we did those growth markings in our first house with our kids. It was fun! 🙂
    Your title to this post got a laugh outa’ me…I was like “what do these things have in common…or which of these things don’t belong?’….:-D
    Love the last photo best! Aw. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. RuthG says:

    The beard net is funny-looking, but I would definitely feel more comfortable knowing that I probably wouldn’t be sampling beard hair in my frozen yogurt.

    Sounds like a great visit with Bob/Dave/Frank, whoever the heck it was! Well, I know who, but I think you must not have reread that paragraph after writing it. 🙂 Glad you got to go to the beach as well as getting more painting done. It’s important!

  5. The moving seawater makes you-uns’ feet look zombie-esque. and further on gruesome: I initially thought that the mannequins were actual Goodwill shoppers. Hard to tell sometimes.
    In the ‘have-in-common dep’t, I also actually saved the entire door-post upon which were recorded names and ages. In Jaffa, from 1887. The bottom was rotted beyond saving. We used the names (and heights!) compared to the ship’s log to determine who had lived in that house. (The American Colony, built in 1869 by pilgrims from Maine) The piece is now in a museum of all the artifacts I found.while restoring three of the surviving five houses they brought with them on the boat.
    Jealous, I need a job where they fly me places

      • No, the group were Christians, borderline 7th Day-ers. They had honorable motives, to lead by example the Jews back homeward, and to tame the swamps of jaffa. They disbanded after only a few years; diseases and bickering with their unreliable Leader. The second house I did was for the author, from Boston, of the definitive book on the experiment.

        btw, this post appears twice in my Reader. The first version (this one) even has a clickable ‘Edit’ link under it. Growing pains, I guess
        (Wait, I now see that I’ve been redirected to WP(?) What’s up? Thought i was on Xanga.

  6. Learn something new every day and today it is beard net. WOW! I didn’t know there was such a thing.
    It looked like the height marks were on wallpaper. Are you painting over wallpaper? If you are, I’d like to hear more about it. I have some wallpapered walls.
    I love thrift store shopping.

    • Yes, the entire house is wallpapered. The paper downstairs has no loose spots so we’re painting over it. (Primed it first.) It does bubble some when the wet paint is applied, but so far it appears that the bubbles are adhering again as it dries, so I think we’re going to be okay.

      Upstairs we may try to remove the paper, because the seams are loose.

  7. You were in ‘my neck of the woods” as we say in Georgia. I live in North Ga.
    Sweet of you to take a photo to send to the previous owners. I know that they will be appreciative.
    Your secret (about where you shop) is safe with us–esp the rest of us who shop there too. lol.

  8. g. says:

    I had no idea there was such a thing as a beard net. And I think it’s great you sent a picture of the wall markings to the previous owners.
    I’ve also found wonderful things in thrift stores. In fact, just last year, my husband and I picked up a 1930s grandfather clock for $50. I was pretty chuffed.

  9. digitalgranny says:

    Shame on those grasshoppers doing that in public.
    I have never seen anyone in a beard net but the Walmart here makes their male employees be clean shaven.
    I can see why your kitty is named pumpkin. Pretty color.
    We shop at Salvation Army, Good Will and other thrift shops. Thank goodness they are there as things are so darned expensive.
    I bet the previous owners of the house will be happy to have photos of the height markers.
    Very cool about wading in the gulf.
    Have a good week end.

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