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Dreaming about Xangans / Remodeling progress

I don’t know what triggered it, but the last couple of nights I had long and elaborate dreams about Xangans. Last night it was about the courtship of WildWomanOfTheWest and MeteorologyMan, and for some reason Atzenicarlo figured heavily. The night before I dreamed about Xangans every time I fell asleep. I don’t remember much except that SaintVi was riding her bike, like a cheerful parody of the woman with the bike in Wizard of Oz who becomes the Wicked Witch of the West.

I suspect that last night’s dream was triggered by a Facebook comment by Bob about not traveling for work while Tamy is sick. SaintVi might have mentioned bicycling in a recent post. I don’t know how Atzenicarlo came into it except I read that one of his comments just before I fell asleep.


No tangible progress was made on the house over the weekend. Alicia and I were too busy celebrating being back together after almost four weeks apart. Last night we visited flooring stores again and ordered laminate for upstairs and part of the downstairs. It has a 50-year warranty so should be great quality. You can see it here. (Yay, I did a hyperlink in WP!)

The kitchen, breakfast room, laundry room, and possibly dining room will have tile. We’re leaning toward a very inexpensive light beige tile from Home Depot. If they have more than one size, we may do a pattern. Alicia would like a big travertine star medallion just inside the front door. Home Depot has some for $99 that look pretty nice and should coordinate with the beige tile.

Having the house torn up is extremely stressful for my wife, so I will try to finish the kitchen soon, and at least one of the living areas. That way she can have a couple of pleasant areas with little dust or clutter. She’s got a regular gig starting this weekend, singing every other Saturday night at the Colombian restaurant, plus two major concerts in Medellín in November and December, so she’s concerned about keeping her lungs dust-free and having a relaxing place in which to practice.

The trickiest part of the flooring will be the staircase. I can get laminate tread covers, but at $50 per tread, that’s a ridiculous amount just for the stairs! So I may end up with stained outside corner molding on the front edges of each step, with tile behind and below it.

I love flooring, especially tile. It’s something I know enough about to be able to improvise and expect that it will turn out well. By and large, Alicia and I have similar tastes, although she likes the floor tile that looks like wood, and glass wall tiles, whereas I suspect that both will look dated in a few years. I prefer natural stone (travertine, marble, granite, tumblestone) or tiles that look like stone, because I think they will still look classy in 15-20 years.

The realtor who helped us buy the house insists that if we want to sell it, the outside needs to be painted an earth tone, and the inside walls should be taupe. She also says we should have wood flooring downstairs and carpeting upstairs.

I personally hate the drabness of dirt-colored Tampa houses. We plan to paint the outside a rich yellow with white trim. And taupe for inside walls depresses me. We’re painting ours white. I can’t imagine anyone saying, “Oh, I love that house except for all the white walls!” White makes rooms bright and always looks good, whereas most other colors make things dark and go out of style or get on your nerves, and you end up repainting in a few years.

This area is nearly tropical. I’m sure there are many potential buyers who would be delighted to have wood floors in the bedrooms.

This is still our dream house, but we’re willing to sell it if that’s the only way to get out of debt. However, we’re decorating based on our own tastes and not current fashion.


20 thoughts on “Dreaming about Xangans / Remodeling progress

    • It is bizarre to me that people would choose to paint their houses the colors that are popular in Tampa right now. We visited new developments where the houses are all blah yucky colors. Must be that people like them. I like cheery colors for exterior, or at least a nice white. My house in Dallas had cream-colored siding, and I painted the shutters and door green. It looked very pleasant.

    • You would think. I don’t know why they choose such blah colors around here. The old houses on our street are painted white or cream, except for the two or three (like mine) that are kind of a rust-red. I need to replace our wood siding, and then we’ll paint it a cheerful color. But all the new developments are depressing colors.

  1. digitalgranny says:

    I like that flooring.
    I think you are having xangan withdrawals and therefore the dreams.
    Very cool that Alicia has a regular singing gig already and they will be blessed to hear her beautiful voice.
    I am happy you are redecorating for yoru own tastes and not with whatever is in style.
    You and Alicia have a wonderful week that got here all to fast.

  2. I think that it’s a good idea to decorate to your own taste. And at least white walls are easy to paint over if the buyers don’t like them. I’m trying to decorate with selling in mind. I’m painting over my trendy or crazy colors and covering them with something that is not white or builder beige, but relaxing, cool colors that will go with many things.

    • I’ve had to paint over dark purple, dark green, etc. that people have used in bedrooms or bathrooms. When I bought it, my house in Dallas had a teal and pink bedroom, and an aqua and pink bath! I painted them both white, plus the yellow kitchen cabinets. I replaced the downstairs carpet with tile, and upstairs tiled the hallway and bath. That house sold two or three weeks after it hit the market.

    • We’ve decided to tile the dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, and laundry, and use wood in the two living areas and upstairs. The stairs will have wood front edges. The treads will be the downstairs tile, and the risers will be small tile that coordinates with the downstairs tile.

    • I’m seriously in debt. Barely getting by. What has done me in is having my TX lake house vacant, having to pay my daughter’s university apartment, our wedding expenses, the move, a higher house payment in Tampa, replacing the lake house septic tank, an expensive car repair… We could probably make a substantial amount on this house if we sold it. It would come close to getting us out of debt. But if we can possibly hang onto it, we will. You could pray that the lake house will sell. That would take off a significant amount of pressure. It has been on the market for 7 months without a nibble.

  3. Oh. I hope you can keep the house. You’re putting so much work and love into it.
    Yes, it is an adjustment to live in a house while you fix it up. Been there, done that.

    I hope Tamy will feel better soon. I’ve been praying for her.

    I’ve had dreams about Xangans. That’s all I’m gonna’ say.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Realtors love a plain house. It’s easier to help a buyer see it decorated their way. Just guessing of course.
    It is stressful living in a work in progress. I’ve done that a few times myself.
    The medallion for $99 sounds like a great idea.

    • I’m used to living in works in progress, myself, but Alicia is not, and she’s very sensitive to dust as well as stressed by clutter. I’m hoping to get the downstairs livable within a couple of weeks, and then tackle the upstairs a bedroom at a time.

      Floor & Decor had medallion options for $88! We chose one last night.

  5. g. says:

    I think white is a much better choice. It still allows a prospective buyer to imagine their own choices but, unlike beige, white looks like *something* rather than *nothing*–if you know what I mean.
    My sister and her husband are “upgrading” their house to put it on the market even as I write. I find it absurd sellers are compelled to make changes that buyers will likely rip up the second they take possession. (If you put down a carpet, they’ll want hardwood; if you put down tile, they’ll want carpet. You know how it goes.) If we could all just use our imaginations, it would save us a lot of space in landfill!

  6. It is better not to read any comment from Xangans if you want a peaceful night rest and not some kind of nightmare.
    The best is sell the house and let the choice of future colors to the new owner.

  7. RuthG says:

    Oh, I do pray for the lake house’s sale. And for you & Alicia to be able to stay in your house without a big debt load. As we get older, debt is less & less cool (not that it ever was).

    What you’re doing to the house sounds great. Here in Chicago (both city & burbs) people are increasingly enamored of hardwood floors. They are much more helpful than carpets for people with allergies, & they’re much easier to keep clean. In a hot climate like Tampa, I would think simple tile floors (with some gorgeous touches like the medallion & the stair trim!) would be super-inviting to you, & to your guests, & to any buyers if you eventually go that route. Ditto on the wall color. As you know, I LOVE my colors. But the previous owners of my place had horrible taste in wall colors–they had painted recently but everything looked dingy because what they picked didn’t make up for the lack of interior light. The wall colors I have are for the long term, & almost every guest who has ever come has remarked on how inviting they are. White is wonderful too, & makes rooms feel spacious.

    I too have noticed dingy colors in furnishings and home exteriors these days. Why choose tones/hues that make people feel depressed? So strange. But there’s a big trend toward BRIGHT area rugs. Anyway, I say embrace the tropical locale & play it up in your home. People will love it.

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