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House remodeling plods along

This is what my kitchen wall tile looked like when I started putting it up.


And this is what it looks like now that it has been grouted. I should have chosen a grayer grout but I was too lazy to try another store.


To give you an idea of the transformation of the kitchen, here are some dishes in the unpainted cabinets.


And these are the same dishes in the painted cabinet on the other side of the kitchen.


The sink side of the kitchen is nearly done. I like the brightness of the room now. The outlets and floor need changing, and the recess where the fluorescent lights are needs to have the seams mudded and some new lights put in.


This recess looks a lot better without the aluminum frame and plastic sheets that used to hide it. We’ll put some nice modern lights in and get rid of the fluorescents.


Saturday morning my brother-in-law helped me tear out all the downstairs carpeting. I’m getting the family room ready for painting. Bye-bye, dark paneling. The tricky part will be the rough cedar pieces that “decorate” the chimney wall. I’d like to take them down and smooth, sand, and varnish them. Cedar can be a gorgeous wood.


I don’t know why anyone would think rough cedar was attractive.


The carpet we tore out was cream colored. However, I found these threads that show the original carpet color back in 1975. Ghastly!


Sunday we start painting the walls. The place is going to look so different…


20 thoughts on “House remodeling plods along

  1. I remember having carpet that color in the first apartment that I rented and the kitchen tile was about the same color with green stove and fridge and the bath was a strange shade of pink

    • 1970s dens were notorious for rust-colored carpet. Our bathroom has a very light-blue tub and blue-speckled tile. It’s one thing that won’t get changed, because it’s all working fine and doesn’t look that bad.

    • Thank you. Wall colors right now tend to be dark, and some of them look nice, but I think they’ll be out of style in a few years and they’ll have to paint again. I could live happily with white walls the rest of my life.

    • The whole downstairs is looking very different already, with the white walls. I don’t think we’re going to want to move once we’re done. I’d be fine with staying, if we can get out of debt some other way.

  2. For four years I’ve been dying to paint my cabinets. Right now they’re some kind of orangey-colored pine. Which doesn’t look too bad against green walls, but I think white would look much cleaner. I just can’t get the hardware off. It’s been there for 50+ years and is impervious to any drill or screwdriver I own. And I’m far too lazy to just tape them off and paint around them. 😉

  3. You’re doing such a great job, Tim! It looks beautiful! I like the brightness and the openness of the kitchen now!
    Have fun painting!
    Plodding along is good, Oh Handyman Plodder!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I just wanted to use the word “plodder”! 😀

    • Thank you. The living and dining rooms look totally different with white walls, and the fireplace will look much classier when the cedar is refinished. If I had worked as efficiently (and recruited my brother-in-law) earlier during Alicia’s absence, the whole downstairs would be done by now. But I’m very encouraged by the progress.

  4. RuthG says:

    Tim, you are doing SUCH great work–the house is being transformed beautifully. I really admire your steadiness & skill. Love is such an energizer. 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting the other half of the kitchen done. Eventually I’ll tile the stairway risers, so the first thing people will see when they walk in is tile. I love the look of high-quality tile.

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