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Dismantling the ugly cedar beams

Today I tackled the ugly rough cedar around my fireplace. It turns out that they’re held at the top by two big nails.


They were also attached to laths tucked in behind the bookcase paneling.


I didn’t pay enough attention with the first, and the laths pulled out and splintered, leaving the paneling unsupported at the edge.


With the second upright, I was more careful, prying up and down the length to loosen all the nails.


I can’t take down the big crossbeam or the last two supports by myself. I’m waiting on my brother-in-law to come help me. In the meantime, I unscrewed the bolts that hold the mantel piece in place. Oops, I forgot one bolt on the right and the bracket came off with the mantel piece! It was only held to the bricks by one measly screw in a plug in the mortar.


The other bracket has two screws into the brick itself.


Where are you, Diego? Guess I’ll go start getting rid of dangerous nails.


16 thoughts on “Dismantling the ugly cedar beams

  1. When you start pulling things apart, you never know what you are going to find. We have found studs that are not spaced the way they should be, and that calls for plan B.

  2. ordinarybutloud says:

    I don’t know what to say about cedar beams. I think there was a whole era of unfinished cedar. Like, I don’t know, 81-86?

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