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Working on album covers

My wife and her sister have recorded a couple of albums of songs for children. My daughter Elizabeth created the cover art. A friend had volunteered to do the layout, but it turned out he doesn’t know what he’s doing, so I’ve been working on it myself in the evenings. Here’s the first one, a collection of lullabies:


I’ve been using Paint.Net, which is quite clumsy. It has limited font capabilities, so I had to create layers with inverted colors to do the white text shadows, and a second layer of black text for bolding. The song titles on the back cover were much simpler because the background is lighter:


On this next collection of singalong songs, Angela does most of the singing, with her daughters Sara Elisa and Ana Isabel also participating,  as well as Alicia’s son Juan Manuel. (The latter two were four when they were recorded, many years ago.) Alicia composed most of the music, adapting words written by a university colleague and by Angela. The title means “Stories that sing”. Each song is built around one or more values.The artwork is a very different style but was also done by Elizabeth. I’m not really happy with the font for the text. Maybe it needs more white shadow.


This is just a draft; today they’re recording a twelfth song, so the back cover will be a little different.


I’m also working on the lyrics booklets and CD labels. We need to turn both of these records in to the university before Alicia comes home on the 18th because they were developed as part of her job as professor.

Colombia had a thriving music industry when we were young, but most of the labels eventually moved to Miami because of the huge piracy problem that has developed. You can buy any movie or CD from street vendors for a dollar or two now. So Alicia pays for her own arrangements, studio time, printing, etc., except for a few projects she did with the university band.


14 thoughts on “Working on album covers

  1. Ashtshen says:

    Tim… I do this for a living… if you want some help, send it over with (detailed stylistic) instructions and I’ll send you PDFs.

    • Excellent. Thank you. It may come to that. My daughter could also do it, if she’s not too busy with school. I suppose I could send you a mockup and the texts and images and you could put everything where it belongs, using decent software.

      And you would have a credit on a couple of albums made in Colombia.

  2. ordinarybutloud says:

    cute! lullabies…my boys hated them, my daughter loved them. She still makes me sing “hush little baby” whenever she gets really upset.

    • My oldest was privileged to have personalized lullabies; we saw a magazine ad that offered lullabies with the child’s name included for a modest price. They all four liked falling asleep to a recording, whether lullabies or kids’ music or stories.

      I have vague memories of Mom singing to us, but not necessarily when we were in bed. Sitting on the front steps in the jungle under the Milky Way, watching the satellite go over and the fireflies over the lawn… She sang Bye Baby Bunting and A Bushel and a Peck and Bobby Shaftoe and other old songs.

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    These look great!!! How exciting!!! 🙂 You’re doing a GREAT job! Continued success!
    I’ve always loved lullaby songs and sang them to my kids when they were young.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Thank you. I sang them to my kids as well, the same ones my mom sang to us.

      I love doing layout but it’s very frustrating not to have adequate software. I should pass it on to someone with the requisite skills and resources.

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