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The Montreal Nancy-Boys (Ruminations on Canadian football, etc.)

Last night while I did cardio at the gym, I alternated between tennis and Canadian football on the TV screen. The tennis was evenly matched between two dudes I don’t know, one of whom used a lot more spin than I’m used to seeing in tennis.

The football was fascinating.

It appears that Canadian football involves twelve players on a side. Offensive players can be in forward motion, so most plays involved two or three guys running forward at full speed, with the snap occurring just as they reached the scrimmage line. It looked really cool.

From what I could see, they had only three downs to make ten yards, so punting happened frequently. There also were a lot of fumbles, which may have been a coincidence.

One of the teams was the Montreal Alouettes. What kind of team name is that?! I suspect it’s the league’s equivalent of A Boy Named Sue, chosen to keep the players sensitive and angry. Can you imagine an NFL team named after Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, or maybe The Hokey Pokey? (Actually Virginia Tech’s team is named the Hokies, which may explain some things.)

In other news, my kitchen cabinets are coming along slow but steady. Last night I primed the backs of the doors, but I didn’t have time to paint them, so that will happen tonight. It looks like the door fronts will need another coat of paint before I can hang them. If all goes well, I’ll be putting the doors back up on Friday night. Then I’ll move everything into those cabinets and start on the other half of the kitchen.

We have decided to put laminated wood floors both downstairs and up. Lowe’s has very nice 30-year laminates for only .99 a foot, far better value than anything at Home Depot or Floor & Decor. The nice thing about laminate (compared to tile) is that once you’ve installed it, you’re done. I can do an average room in 4-6 hours. Tile takes a couple of days and makes much more of a mess.

I do plan on tiling the kitchen, breakfast room, and laundry. Most of that area is currently covered with a brick-pattern vinyl. If I can get the old vinyl up safely, I will. Otherwise I’ll need to float out the edges with thin-set for the transitions to bare floor.

I also plan to install tile backsplashes in the kitchen, and to tile the risers on the stairs (although the pattern will be simpler than what I used in Dallas). There’s nothing like nice tile work to make a house memorable to a potential buyer.

Better get back to work.


16 thoughts on “The Montreal Nancy-Boys (Ruminations on Canadian football, etc.)

  1. I love Tennis too. I learned about Football, as my son was a football player. That a took a couple of games to understand what it was all about. I have not heard of this Montreal football team, though.

  2. I like the wood laminates. The ones they make now look very realistic, and as you know, are easy to care for. Does the varnish on real wood floors get sticky down there in the humidity?

    • Pretty flaming ref right there.

      Ireland has a couple of sports that look nothing like anything in the US, but they all look pretty rough. Rugby is bizarre and extremely rough, and they don’t wear protective gear. I watched some Aussie football once but don’t remember how it goes.

  3. lol that is funny about the alouettes, I always thought the same about that name, that it is so strange. The field is longer and wider too by ten yards both ways. One of our local guys was the mvp of the league “last season”. I was going to say last year but maybe they use a different calendar too 🙂 But it’s football and I’ll watch it sometimes when it’s on TV.

  4. g. says:

    Did you know that an “alouette” is a lark? To that end, Toronto has the Blue Jays, so it’s not totally out of line. Also, that song is about ripping the feathers off said lark–which is pretty horrible, but you know, it’s not “knees and toes.” Heh.

    There’s an interesting bit of trivia on Wiki about the children’s song and how it became a symbol of French Canada–a bomber squadron in WWII used the lark as it’s symbol and the motto “je te plumerai” was really leveled as a threat. So basically, thanks for making this Canadian look it up!

    • Yeah, I read the article too, but for 99% of Americans it’s just a song kids learn without ever knowing the meaning. In any case, who wants to be named after a bird famous for being plucked?

      Cardinals and Blue Jays are also wimpy sports mascots, when you think about it.

      Pretty cool about the WWII story.

      • g. says:

        Fair enough. But I don’t know I agree about the cardinals and blue jays. Those are some pretty aggressive, territorial birds. We once had a cardinal that used to attack every ground floor window of our house daily. You know, just to keep us in line. And last year, when we were sudden, temporary hosts to hundreds of grackles, the cardinals and blue jays (four birds altogether) actually tried to fight them off. Crazy, yes, but not wimpy. Heh.

        • I’ve been dive-bombed by a mockingbird and seen a pair of them chase off a hawk or crow without hesitation.

          For that matter, in my grandmother’s back yard there was a rabbit that would go tearing into a flock of birds feeding on grass seed and leap after them as they took off. A football team named the Bunnies would be great.

  5. glad to hear the cabinets are going well. i’ll watch canadian football when i get a chance. it’s pretty cool even with having to get used to the different nuances of the game from our own nfl.

  6. ordinarybutloud says:

    we have a friend who is crazy for tennis. i like tennis. for a short while. but then I get bored. but i like that the tennis player who is doing so well is gluten-free, whatever his name is, the one with the hard name.

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