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Still the World’s Most Fortunate Man… but boy, does life suck!

When I left for Colombia in late June, I closed up the house in case of storms. Like an idiot, I left the a/c off, since the duct cleaning people had told me there is a major duct leak somewhere.

You can’t leave the a/c off and the house closed in the muggy Florida summer.

Upon our return, we found the downstairs coated with mold: kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet and door, living room walls, bookcases. I’ve cleaned everything in sight twice, but Alicia’s lungs react immediately when she enters the house.

So we’re staying at her sister Angela’s, and I’ve called a mold remediation guy to come Monday. In the meantime, I’m going to keep on bleaching everything in sight. (Careful! If you keep still, you may end up blond.)

Another sister is arriving Monday from Colombia with her three kids. They will also stay at Angela’s, and Alicia and I will check into an extended stay hotel.

I had no idea that our dream house would become a nightmare.

But I’m married to the world’s most wonderful woman. We’ll be okay.


23 thoughts on “Still the World’s Most Fortunate Man… but boy, does life suck!

  1. Gah! GAH! I can never stay well in Florida. That tropical climate…ugh! I am glad you are staying mindful of your position as the world’s most fortunate man, despite all the chaos.

    *wonders if the a/c is set low enough in his soon-to-be-home-again*

  2. It’s so sweet that you remind us you are married to the world’s most wonderful woman 🙂 Lucky you….

    How awful about the mold (I think I’m repeating myself 😉 ). Mold is very bad for the health. I hope they take care of it good & proper. peace always

  3. ordinarybutloud says:

    yikes. that really does suck. I’m sorry. 😦 Mold is bad stuff. I could’ve told you that, about the mold and the humidity, if you’d mentioned your intention to leave the a/c off. Only because when we flooded it turned out the a/c was the only thing preventing epic amounts of mold. Well. When I say “preventing” I really mean mitigating, but in the end it didn’t matter because we had to tear everything out and start all over anyway. Yeah. Life sucks sometimes. But great women rock!!

  4. Oh my god, that’s awful. It’s so awful it needs italics. It never once occured to me this would be a problem. Can you run dehumidifiers? Would that even make a dent?
    But I’m happy you’re focusing on better things–and remember, blondes have more fun.

    • I’ve had a dehumidifier going the past couple of weeks, and it is helping. Tomorrow the duct cleaning people will come, and then I’ll need to clean everything in the house. But I still don’t know how much it will take before my wife can be in the house without getting sick.

  5. Ew. I keep picturing fuzzy mold covering everything like moss, although I’m sure that’s not the case at all. Hope you can get it cleaned up quickly.

    • It was more like a white or gray haze on kitchen cabinet doors, the plywood paneling in the living room, the bookshelves. I wiped off everything I could see, but the place still smells musty.

  6. Wow! Just been catching up on your posts. You seem to have had quite a time of it yourself with sick wife, stuck cats and mold! Ah, life. Gotta love it.

    • I suspect that it’s that way all across the South. Too much humidity. The house smells a lot better since I cleaned the kitchen and living room a couple of times. I’m getting ready to paint the kitchen cabinets and then all the walls, after which I’ll tear out the carpets and put down tile and engineered wood.

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