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Where it all began

On November 24, 2010, Alicia and I sat down at a table in this little restaurant (Las Cazuelas in the Unicentro mall) and didn’t get up for three hours. By the end of that conversation, we were each convinced that the other was a truly remarkable person.


19 thoughts on “Where it all began

    • Alicia came to resign from the university and work on organizing some concerts, and I came along to be with her. We’ll probably get to that restaurant soon.

      Speaking of anniversaries, today is the 11th anniversary of my divorce and two years since I came to visit Alicia and asked her to marry me. I’m happy.

      • An anniversary of sorts, then. Make sure to take some photos of the inside (is there an inside?) and tell us what was on the menu. I’m sort of jonesing for Cuban food and though I’m sure Colombian food is nothing like Cuban food, I’d still get a kick out of it. Congrats again, to you both!

        • I don’t even know what they sell because we just had tea and split a roll they had given us in the grocery store. But when we go back I’ll take photos.

          You would enjoy some Colombian food, I’m sure. Not all of it. White corn arepas are insipid but they’re a traditional staple (the equivalent of tortillas but thick kind of like a pancake).

  1. RuthG says:

    Cuban food & Colombian food are a lot alike, actually! My Colombian friend Gloria & I just had a Cuban sampler plate last night that was rather like bandeja paisa. So yummy.

    I am SO glad this anniversary was transformed by another. That happened to my divorce anniversary this year, when we had the house blessing on that date.

    I like your new blog! Much more elegant than Xanga, though I know Xanga merits your affection for many reasons.

    Love to you both.

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