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Exercise and me

Those who know me well (my kids) know that I’m the world’s biggest slob. Well, not the biggest, but definitely in the top quarter of the class. I used to work several nights a week plus Saturdays on my handyman business. Once there was less financial need for that, I started spending my evenings on my recliner watching TV and blogging, while dishes piled up in the sink, cat hair collected in the corners, and my weight crept up and up.

I played in a church summer softball league for nine years. Each year I’d vow that by next year I would have lost weight and worked out so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. And each year I was several pounds heavier and slower.

Then I got reacquainted with the world’s most wonderful woman, and suddenly had to deal with the responsibilities of being the world’s most fortunate man. 

We got married in December and joined a gym in February. YouFit is the cheapest gym I’ve seen (about $15 a month) and has great equipment. They offer a free one-hour “coaching” session, which turned out to be a sales pitch for personal training. We got talked into four training sessions a month for a year.

The training didn’t go that well. We didn’t hit it off with our first trainer, and then had trouble finding anyone else available in the evenings, so eventually I begged off the contract. But I learned a handful of things that have been helpful.

I learned that weight training burns more fat than a cardio workout, and that the body needs to be stressed for the exercise to have an impact. Variety is good. It keeps the body off balance. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect the same results because the body adapts. And it’s better to work out with weights first and then follow up with cardio.

In the last month, I’ve lost about 8 pounds. I spend five minutes warming up on the elliptical, then do a circuit of 5-6 weight machines or free weights, 12-20 repetitions depending on what I can handle, plus sit-ups, three times around the circuit as fast as I can. I invariably work up a sweat and am panting by the middle of the second circuit. Then I go back to the elliptical machine, set resistance to 15, and plug away for 22-25 minutes until I’ve burned at least 325-350  calories. I’m usually done with everything in 45-50 minutes.

I’ve increased weights as I’ve progressed, to keep my body stressed, and I alternate between working the upper body one day and legs the next. If I happen to set a machine’s weight too low, I do more reps. I try to complete my weight routine in 15-20 minutes, so it’s very annoying when other people sit at a machine and rest between sets instead of moving on. But rather than talk to them, I skip that exercise and come back to it at the end of the circuit, or I find a similar machine.

The nice thing about doing cardio on the elliptical machine is that it keeps my arms and legs both moving smoothly, so I never end up sore from the weights. I usually feel exhausted when I start, but after ten minutes it gets easier and I can pick up the pace. After 20 minutes I set myself a series of small goals so I’ll keep going: 3 miles, 300 calories, 22 minutes, 3.25 miles, 24 minutes, 350 calories, next commercial break, finish this inning… The machines have a screen where you can watch TV. (If it wasn’t for TV sports, I might have quit the gym months ago.)

I’ve also changed my eating habits since Alicia left on her trip to Colombia. I skip supper or make a salad, and after working out I make a massive fruit shake with whatever is in the house, usually 4-6 fruits: strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, orange, lemon, kiwi, apple, whatever I have, plus crushed ice and milk or fruit juice and maybe a little ice cream. I put the leftovers in the freezer to be blended up another day. It tastes like dessert and is very refreshing, and is full of fiber and vitamins since I use nearly the whole fruit.

The difference is notable. My waist is smaller and I feel energetic and youthful. I still don’t like going to the gym, but it’s part of my schedule now. 


22 thoughts on “Exercise and me

  1. That’s great! There’s nothing like losing weight to make you feel better. I used to like weight training, but when we moved away from our gym, we couldn’t find another one we liked. The time of the small, hometown gym was over.

    • There are gyms all over the place but I haven’t been into any others. My insurance offers a subsidized gym membership of $25 a month to some chains, but our deal at YouFit is even better. My sisters in LA use Curves. My sister-in-law here uses Shapes, which is the same concept (women’s gym).

  2. Your photos never showed that you were that over weight. I though you and Alicia are both the right size. And I agree that Alicia is a beautiful girl. Your post was very encouraging. But me of course, hate excersize!!

  3. I think it’s great that you’re getting fit. I am trying to do more of it but I have other health problems that interfere… I play a long of table tennis. 🙂 Alicia is beautiful! and probably won’t mind if you are around a longggggg time. lol

  4. runnersview says:

    Don’t forget to do core! Abdominal, glute, back & hip flexor strength is forgotten by so many people yet is the most important thing.

    And I would recommend some protein after lifts.

    but good for you! I wish I could finish my workouts in 40-45 minutes! Even when I’m as efficient as I can be I seem to take at least an hour just for weights.

    • Yeah, I do a little core but it’s the least pleasant of the exercises. I’m not out to become an athlete or body builder, I just want to get rid of my gut and be healthy. 45 minutes is a whole lot better than none, and I’m burning a good amount of calories in that time as well as building muscle.

  5. distractedbyzombies says:

    Many years ago, I used to do a similar workout at the Y after a couple of consultations with a trainer. All that exercise felt great but it made me hungry. I didn’t follow any kind of diet plan: I got stronger but didn’t lose weight or belly fat. I’ve been wanting to join the Y down the road and try diet and exercise at the same time.

    • I often feel hungry when I get home from work, but I just eat a small snack (crackers with cheese, or a salad) and then go to the gym after relaxing a while. When I get back from the gym I’m just a little hungry and the shake is a pleasant way to satisfy that with something without fat or starch.

  6. it’s great that you can continue going to the gym even if you dislike it. i never could keep it up. i’ve tried signing up at Fitness First, and actually quit twice. i tried yoga on and off too. how do you get the motivation??

    • At first it was mainly because of my wife. Then it was because I had those stupid trainer appointments to prepare for. Now it’s mostly habit, and somewhat the visible progress. But I haven’t reached the point of enjoying it.

    • Did I not respond to this? As to motivation, it helped to sign up with my wife, who has been a lot more disciplined in the past couple of years about exercise. Plus signing up for a trainer meant there was money invested, and another person holding me accountable. The best motivator was when the weight started coming off and I started feeling better.

  7. j.e.glaze says:

    I’m glad you’ve married someone who is rescuing you from your slobbish tendencies. I, on the other hand, am doomed to utter slobhood.

    I am doing a lot of mowing lawns which has helped me tone up and lose fifteen pounds.

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