Pleasant and productive Sunday

Alicia and I found some nice Tiffany-style lamps for a reasonable price at an antique store a couple of months ago.

Ever since then, I’ve been looking for a Tiffany-style light kit for the ceiling fan in the living room. There are some nice little shades available for the individual bulbs on a standard light kit, but at $60 apiece, that’s $180 to dress up an old fan.

We found some cheap and fairly simple bedside lamps with stained-glass shades at Walmart. While I was looking at one the other day, it struck me that the threaded shaft that holds the top of the shade is the same as the kind used in a ceiling fan light kit. So I borrowed the shade from my lamp and the curved piece from the bottom of the fan and got started. I stuck the little threaded pipe through the hole and attached the two items together with a nut.

I bought this fan light replacement socket at HD or Lowe’s for about $5.

It gets threaded on the pipe inside the light shade. The wires go up through the pipe.

Then the curved metal piece gets attached back to the fan with its three screws, and we’re ready for a bulb. Now we have a Tiffany-type light kit on the fan, total cost about $50 instead of $180. Nothing fancy but it will do for now.

At the same antique store, we found this Tiffany-style window decoration. I hung that today, too. It was tricky because the window is not built normally and I had to drill three times to hit wood.

I also hung this shelf, at Alicia’s request. The tree is made from a steel drum by an artist in Haiti. My sister Ruth sent it to us. The tree is thematic of our new life as a couple.

Ruth also gave us this hanging. (These are things that we hung up when we moved in.)

This is Salvadoran decor I brought from Dallas.

And this Colombian and Panamanian stuff. Alicia reframed the big molas. The tree we bought online. It was made 50 years ago, can’t remember the brand name. Alicia painted it because this set was unpainted.

Here’s the other half of the set of trees. Dang, photo’s fuzzy. The paint really dresses up the trees. The print below is from Old Time Pottery.

I went out to the shop to get something, and took a look at my desk. The bubbles all popped! The finish looks smooth! It’s a little tacky yet, so I’ll let it dry a couple more days and then sand it and add another coat.

The drawer fronts look good, too.

The bases have a darker color than I like. Too bad.

I finished up by cleaning the cat porch and vacuuming downstairs. Then I showered and visited a nearby Hispanic church that meets at 5:30. Pleasant place, but the sound was horribly loud, even with my usual Kleenex earplugs. If we go back I’ll talk to the pastor about it.

Now it’s time to talk with Alicia. Unfortunately the internet is down at her sister’s apartment where she’s staying in Medellín. Two companies merged to form a new huge company, and were awarded a huge contract, and don’t have the infrastructure to fulfill it, so the internet and cell phone service keep crashing. Fortunately Alicia’s phone is with a different company, Tigo, which has been reliable.


28 thoughts on “Pleasant and productive Sunday

  1. my mom loves tiffany lamps. it’s funny, my sisters and I were just talking about it at lunch.

    I had to laugh at the comment about the sound.

    I don’t know what it is about the sound at a latin church, but it’s always wonky.

    I’m sure the pastor knows this already.

    • I don’t know why people put up with it. I think I’ll tell him I love the church but won’t be able to come if the sound is always that high. I depend on my hearing for my job.

      • yeah, some people just have bad systems.

        I laugh because my church has always suffered when it comes to sound for performances.

        terrible there are mics constantly not working and it’s all a pain. I hope that with the remodeling we can fix all of that.

  2. Once upon a time I would use super-fine steel wool to lighten stained wood that had come up too dark. Have you got a hidden spot to try that on? Might undo the boo-boo.

    Kudos for the ingenuity on the other things! It’s good being one who knows how to do stuff. 🙂

    • I probably should have used the steel wool when I was done stripping the old finish off. I sanded it quite a while but it was slow going. I should have sanded with coarse paper, I guess.

  3. dian says:

    Great solution for the light. It’s amazing what you can do with the things you find at Home Depot. I’m working on a compost sifter made with hardware cloth.

  4. ordinarybutloud says:

    I read a good book about Tiffany and people who made Tiffany glass. Clara and Mr. Tiffany, maybe. I enjoyed it quite a lot. However I don’t have any Tiffany-style stuff in my home because it reminds me of a relative I didn’t really care for. LOVE the desk. The stain looks great. I love desks in general, though.

    • I’ve rarely used desks except as a piling surface, but I want to get to where I pay bills and file them immediately instead of letting them pile up and then have a filing crisis after months of accumulation. I have warm memories of my mom’s and dad’s desks when I was young.

  5. Beautiful.

    Apropos of nothing related to this post, but rather your name Roadkill Spatula. That name, combined with your Florida connection, makes me wonder whether you read Carl Hiaasen and whether your name is inspired by his character Skink.

  6. Ha! I’m sitting here thinking…hmmm….I read and commented this, I’m sure…but I see no comment from me here…then, “aha”!…I did so on Xanga!!!
    Yah, I’m okay. Really I am.
    HUGS!!! 😀

  7. j.e.glaze says:

    you have a beautiful home, and very nice decorations, as well.
    on the desk, are you using polyurethane? I’m curious as to the difference between polyurethane, lacquer, varnish, and shellac, and how to know when to use which one. and how to know how many coats to put on?
    how long will Alicia be gone?

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